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A new myRSA experience is coming soon!

Blog Post created by Jeff Shurtliff Employee on May 24, 2019

At the beginning of this year, RSA announced the decommissioning of the RSA Download Central platform and the launch of the myRSA portal as its replacement.  The debut release of the myRSA portal [established] a major foundation to support a better customer experience behind the scenes and introduced a much better user experience for viewing and managing RSA software and licenses.


Following the initial launch, RSA listened closely to feedback from customers, partners and employees in order to better understand how to continuously improve the functionality and the satisfaction of the myRSA end-users.


In this month's new release, RSA is proud to announce further enhancements to the myRSA portal that will allow RSA customers and partners to manage their RSA assets even easier and more intuitively.


Some of these enhancements include the following:


  • Orders and Order Details
    All RSA orders placed on or after February 1st, 2019, will be visible directly within myRSA, as opposed to only being available within the PDF documents supplied via email when orders are placed and fulfilled. The Order Details view includes information such shipping details, fulfillment status, product and licensing information, end-user contacts and more.

  • Navigation Improvements
    For those with more than one site, it is now easier than ever to locate the appropriate site that you need as the site selection field has been redesigned to display the most important information first. (e.g. name and address rather than the Site ID) The site selection field is now persistent across the entire myRSA portal so you can easily switch between sites without first returning to the Software/License page.

  • Redesigned user interface
    The overall user interface for the myRSA portal has been updated in several ways to streamline the user experience and to provide a more unified experience between the other RSA online portals and websites such as RSA Link, and the RSA Case Management portal.


More information will be made available shortly regarding this upcoming release in the Frequently Asked Questions about myRSA  document as well as in the Introduction to myRSA video.  You may also ask any questions you may have on the RSA Support community forum within RSA Link.


Thank you for your business.

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