Brian Girardi

RSA Labs becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m., Eastern time, August 29th

Blog Post created by Brian Girardi Employee on Aug 29, 2017

Unless you were sleeping during your crypto elective, or like myself, find it difficult to remember everyday life events, RSA Laboratories should spark a memory going back to the early '90s when it was THE resource for Cryptography Research and Education.  Over the years RSA Labs churned out an impressive portfolio of intellectual property to fuel RSA strategy, while keeping its roots in academia and the research underworld.  The Labs organization has since evolved, and even went underground for a period of time, to re-emerge, now with a renewed mission and purpose for RSA. 


RSA Labs sole mission in life is to incubate and accelerate the development of differentiated and high-value capabilities for RSA products.  Simply put. Take risks, disrupt.  


For me, research and innovation can be an amazing thing, particularly if there is a purposeful outlet for people to use the results.  I have too often been part of projects that were loaded into a wooden crate, wheeled into some cavernous warehouse never to be seen again. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark with less face-melting and more professional disappointment.


Our goal in RSA Labs is to "Release" every project we develop to our customers and the community. Free to use and critique, to better RSA and the security community we serve. It will be exciting. We will fail at times, but creating that opportunity to disrupt and innovate is well worth the price of a bruised ego every now and then.  


Here are a few things to remember about RSA Labs:

  • RSA Labs is not a product engineering team.  Its a gang of laboratory chimps with very special skills.
  • RSA Labs does not build or offer supported and warranted products.  Use at your own risk, AS-IS, no help desk, you get the point?
  • RSA Labs projects are not part of any RSA product roadmap.  We will neither confirm or deny such inquiries. 
  • RSA Labs reserves the right to decommission any offering at any time.   Nothing is over until we decide it is. 
  • Need to contact the RSA Labs team? RSA Link is the only place that happens.


Lets do this.