Todd Morneau

Project Syn: Container Security for all!

Blog Post created by Todd Morneau Employee on Sep 7, 2017

Deployments of micro services and applications alike is changing rapidly, moving towards container based environments.  As this paradigm shift happens, similar to the paradigm shift with the advent of VM’s the IT security paradigm must also shift.  RSA labs created Project Syn as a test bed for enabling visibility and threat detection in Docker container environments.   We believe that container based technologies will be a well adopted way for IT, Devops and developers alike to create, manage and distribute new technologies.  With every new technological advancement, there comes inherent security risk. 


Project Syn can help!  If you’re a Netwitness for Logs customer, great, we can feed alert data directly into Netwitness.  If not, that’s cool too!   Our online dashboard will allow you to monitor the health of your Docker Hosts, monitor alerts and drill down into pertinent meta data to help gain visibility into the threats your environments are facing.  Advanced Behavioral Analytics techniques are being developed from our data science group to ensure the alerts are fined tuned to the latest threats.  We also leverage RSA Live Connect for current known malicious website blacklist data. 


Project Syn works hard to protect your Docker Environments, but as always, there’s room for improvement!  Feedback is encouraged!  We’re always looking for ways to improve our value to our customers!  Best of all, Project Syn is free of charge!  All we ask is you install our lightweight container in your Docker environment and we’ll do the rest!


Interested?  Please visit for more information and to request access!



RSA Labs team!