• WTF is WTF?

    Dynamic analysis. Sandboxing. Is that all we got? Am I right?!?   Fact. Sandboxing is a necessity to understand malware behavior. It’s the defacto standard for our industry. However, for the average enter...
    Brian Girardi
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  • Too Little, Too Late: The Limitations of Dynamic Analysis as Malware Threats Grow

    It’s an essential question for security teams following a cyber attack: Where did the threat originate? In the days and weeks following the WannaCry ransomware attack—which swept through 150 countries, inf...
    Kevin Bowers
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  • 25 Pioneering IoT Security Companies

    Thanks to our work in RSA Labs, Dell got a nod in this article from the IoT Institute, showcasing 25 pioneering IoT Security Companies! Well done Team!   We continue to believe that the security battleground for...
    Brian Girardi
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  • whatsthisfile.rsa.com - Hunting M/S Office Malware Droppers

    Open video

    Kevin Douglas
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  • What's This File? - Concept Definition

    Multi-scanner-like cloud service to provide unique malware classification via deep learning and fuzzy-hashing PROBLEM STATEMENT R&D in security demands inbound intelligence from the product install base, and...
    Todd Morneau
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  • Why can't I access RSA Labs demos and BETA's?

    There are some geographies we explicitly exclude from using RSA Labs services. We also require all users to acknowledge this restriction for those organizations where IP address does not define network geographic boun...
    Brian Girardi
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