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RSA Adaptive Authentication

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RSA Link Team
Date Range:  Sunday, April 14th -- Saturday, April 20th   Article Title Author Last Published Date 000037310 - Troubleshooting EFN related connectivity issues for RSA Adaptive Authentication (on Premise) Jasmine Zakir Hussain 17 Apr 2019 000037352 - Issue deploying RSA Adaptive Authentication (on Premise) 7.3 on WebLogic 12c with JAVA 1.8_161…
in RSA Adaptive Authentication
Harish Yadav
Hi, My requirement is to customize RSA portal page and my environment only supports .aspx files. we have successfully able to write login.aspx file and it is also working as expected. But once user login on login page and authenticated through AD and MFA but after this user ideally should see the portal page where all his applications hosted, but… (Show more)
in RSA Adaptive Authentication
Aswin Pankajakshan
What are the Upgrade path to RSA Adaptive Authentication(on Premise) version from version 7.3?
in RSA Adaptive Authentication
Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
Hi,    I'm working with a customer that always wants to create new custom facts and new custom event types, the documentation says about at much 20 custom facts, but do not says anything about how many custom event types can we have, so the questions is simple, how many custom event types can we have in AAoP 7.3 P2?   Kind Regards!
in RSA Adaptive Authentication
Joe Mannion
In AA_OnPrem in the \rsa\configs\c-applicationContext.xml file we normally change the value for <ref bean=”defaultbezel”/> to <ref bean=”bezel”/> Is there a value to put in, or put no value in, if we want no bezel to show around the image displayed?
in RSA Adaptive Authentication
Arafat Bique
Hello all,   It would be very nice to know the roadmap across RSA AA for on-premises version. We have now the 7.3 and 13 version. What is difference between both and why not converge to only one? What is the drawback to use 7.3 related to 13?   What to expect on next month for this product?
in RSA Adaptive Authentication
Mathew Long
The Omnivorous Days: Stopping Fraud Not Customers   Digital transformation has become compulsory for every organization to remain relevant and competitive in today’s digital economy. With a growing array of channels available, customers seemingly have infinite possibilities for conducting business. Consumers expect the best digital experiences… (Show more)
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