Gadi Shpits

Adaptive Authentication Hosts to Adaptive Authentication Cloud - Best Practices

Blog Post created by Gadi Shpits Employee on Sep 13, 2018

When migrating customers from Adaptive Authentication Hosted (AAH) to Adaptive Authentication Cloud (AAC), RSA’s goal is to make sure this migration is as seamless as possible both for the customer and for their end users.

The Adaptive Authentication Hosted customer base is very diverse, from financial institutes to insurance companies to large technical service providers. As such, there is no one migration solution to fit them all.

This is why we have designed two highly customizable migration paths

  • The concurrent path includes a silent learning mechanism that will mirror the traffic in AAH to AAC and will be managed by RSA
  • The side by side path involves RSA helping the customer build a silent learning mechanism that will handle all their unique use cases and constraints.


The data migration tools used to accomplish this are independent and can be executed upon request regardless of the migration option. Please note that this comes with some constraints as well.

As a first step, RSA will scope and analyze a customer’s AAH implementation as there are a few critical factors that need to be verified before we can offer the optimal solution including

  • GDPR Compliance RSA will need to ensure that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored in a Cloud deployment in order to comply with GDPR. We will help the customer evaluate Regulation their data and recommend if anonymization is required prior to the migration.
  • API version is also a critical factor as AAC supports the latest versions of both AAH v6.5 and AAOP v7.0 APIs. Although RSA recommends updating to the latest APIs so that customers can take full advantage of the features and enhancements in AA Cloud, customers on lower versions may be limited to the side by side migration path.


These are just two of the many factors that will be considered by RSA Professional Services in conjunction with the customer.

For a successful migration, the customer will need to be able to provide the most accurate information about their current use of the application, their needs, and their expectations so that the correct project scoping and preparations can be accomplished.


RSA is fully engaged to make sure the migrations are flawless and that all our AAH customers will be able to enjoy the latest features of AAC, the highest availability and scalability of the cloud and the best fraud preventions solution on the market.


Post sales engagement, RSA Professional Services will take over the project and will run it from day one to a week after a successful switchover to AAC. Professional services will be engaging the SaaS Operations and Engineering directly for any process or concern, ensuring the fastest resolution to any issue that may pop up.

The road to Cloud is open and RSA Professional Services wants to make sure that our customers will have a smooth ride to their final destination.