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Introducing RSA Adaptive Authentication v14 - "Omnichannel"

Blog Post created by Mathew Long Employee on Nov 19, 2018

The Omnivorous Days: Stopping Fraud Not Customers


Digital transformation has become compulsory for every organization to remain relevant and competitive in today’s digital economy. With a growing array of channels available, customers seemingly have infinite possibilities for conducting business. Consumers expect the best digital experiences delivered with the least friction. In order to meet end user demand for convenience, organizations continue to extend product and service offerings across a variety of digital channels. At the same time, this expansion of channels increases the risk of fraud. The ability to manage the risk of fraud can become what frees organizations to embrace business opportunity. A critical consequence of the proliferation of channels is the problem of having multiple channels that operate independently of each other.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest release of RSA Adaptive Authentication. RSA Adaptive Authentication v14 now includes omnichannel fraud protection, which enables the application to provide centralized fraud detection and prevention across channels, such as Web, Mobile, ATM, IVR, Call Center, Branch and a custom channel. With omnichannel protection, customers can send traffic from different channels and RSA provides fraud detection and prevention for each channel. This includes cross channel correlation and analysis, providing a holistic view of user activities across the different channels being used. RSA Adaptive Authentication v14 offers a variety of new benefits, such as preventing fraud in additional channels, increasing fraud detection rates, expanding cross-channel analysis, and centralizing fraud management.

This release uniquely blends multiple RSA Adaptive Authentication components and capabilities:

  • Cross channel risk assessment: Not only does our machine-learning-based risk engine now provide assessment for additional channels, it also knows to enhance its own assessments using data from across the channels
  • Channel agnostic risk models: To further scale our risk engine capabilities, especially considering the growing number of channels, we have eliminated the need to maintain a predefined risk model for each of the new channels. Instead, the risk engine will learn by itself as it goes, correcting and re-weighting its evaluations on an ongoing basis
  • Ecosystem risk facts: To enable the above, and to allow additional external data elements for risk assessment, the RSA Adaptive Authentication risk engine supports risk score custom facts
  • Centralized management and analysis: Back office tools now provide a holistic view of users’ activities across channels, enabling a “single pane of glass” experience to consumer fraud management. Everything from building rules in policy management, investigating omnichannel cases, reviewing cases in case management to analyzing data via reports


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