• Adobe Flash Player End of Support

    Product AAOP We customers need to disable the flash token.
    Thomas Watkins
    created by Thomas Watkins
  • Configuration Framework - How to properly retire questions in AAOP 7.3

      Subsequent to our recent upgrade, I’m working on mitigating vulnerabilities that were raised during a penetration test. The testers listed a few secret questions that they felt should be removed from our...
    Scott Reynolds
    created by Scott Reynolds
  • multiple devices

    Currently we allow a user to register a device (home computer or whatever), but we don't see a way to register multiple devices (ipad, cell phone, etc). Consequently, if a user switches to another device and they have...
    Joseph Hanners
    last modified by Joseph Hanners
  • MS SQL server as RBA DB for AAOP

    How to configure MS SQL as RBA DB(database) for  AAOP with version
    Rashmeet Kaur
    created by Rashmeet Kaur
  • Corretto and AA not working

    I'm using Adaptive Authentication On Premise version and I'd like to see if I can get Amazon Corretto version 11 working. What is needed to get Corretto working? I changed my environmental Variables and poin...
    Tiffany Westerholt
    last modified by Tiffany Westerholt
  • What are RSA supported languages?

    I am looking to confirm the list of languages supported by the RSA Adaptive Authentication Cloud application.  We have a list that was previously supplied, but it is about 2.5 years old.  Is there an updated...
    Ken Buckman
    last modified by Ken Buckman
  • Can maker and chequer for rule creation can be done

    Can maker and chequer for rule creation can be done
    sharwan kumar
    last modified by sharwan kumar
  • monitoring of 1st international transaction

    Kindly confirm whether rules can be created for 1st international transactions initiating from India to abroad also give your feedback for the below mentioned points too. 1.We have received NPCI advisory for monitori...
    sharwan kumar
    last modified by sharwan kumar
  • GeoIP File Download

    What is the current IP address to log in to download the GeoIP file via SFTP?
    Steve Irwin
    last modified by Steve Irwin
  • Details of Error codes in RSA AAoP 7.30

    Certain error codes like 1601, 1002, 1453, 1203, 1602 etc are generated in RSA logs. Can any one share the list of error codes with discription as generated in logs file of RSA AAoP 7.30.
    kapil taragi
    last modified by kapil taragi
  • Android sample app for RSA Mobile SDK Collection Module 4.0.0 does not build

    I am attempting to build the sample source code provided with the 4.0 distribution.   The initial build fails first with a report that http://repo1.hzlab.lab.emc.com:8081/artifactory/libs-snapshot is not a ...
    Elio Maggini
    last modified by Elio Maggini
  • Related to Product Features

    Want to know what are the additional features is RSA AAoP when compared with RSA AAoP 7.30?
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • AAoP 7.30 case management

    After taking action in particular case by clicking UPDATE>SAVE CHANGE button page moves back to the previous window and same case can be edited again any number of time. 
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • In RSA AAoP 7.30 mouse hover required

    Mouse hover reflecting Rule description should come above the production Rule I'd under which transaction is trapped in view case details.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • In RSA AAoP 7.30 can we customize fields like display case and user id 

    We want to customize the above mentioned  fields to customer ID since that is more appropriate for us as we identify any customer using his customer ID. Can this be done.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • In RSA AAoP 7.30 contact number of the customer not captured

    As per our requirement we want mobile number of the client to be captured under detailed activity section of the transaction. As of now this field is not captured.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • In case management there is no upload facilities

    In RSA AAOP 7.3 while marking a case fraud if  the analyst want to upload some supporting documents  he can't. So there must be upload button for closing and marking a case as fraud no fraud.
    sharwan kumar
    created by sharwan kumar
  • In AAoP new case to be created once the case is closed

    If existing case is closed new transaction should be tagged to new case since as of now new transaction are tagged to closed case only which creates confusion.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • In AAoP 7.30 sorting option in case level

    Sorting or filter option should be given under case level also so that cases can be sorted as per requirement as it is done at incident/transaction level.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • In AAoP 7.30 user is able to close the case without taking any action

    User who is attending case management can close the case without taking any action. RSA should not allow closure of the case if no action has been taken. Can we customize it as per our requirement.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi