• Issue in Customization of RSA portal page

    Hi, My requirement is to customize RSA portal page and my environment only supports .aspx files. we have successfully able to write login.aspx file and it is also working as expected. But once user login on login...
    Harish Yadav
    created by Harish Yadav
  • RSA AAOP Upgrade to version

    What are the Upgrade path to RSA Adaptive Authentication(on Premise) version from version 7.3?
    Aswin Pankajakshan
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  • How many Custom Event Types can we have in AAoP 7.3 P2?

    Hi,    I'm working with a customer that always wants to create new custom facts and new custom event types, the documentation says about at much 20 custom facts, but do not says anything about how many cust...
    Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
    last modified by Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
  • Image Bezel Question

    In AA_OnPrem in the \rsa\configs\c-applicationContext.xml file we normally change the value for <ref bean=”defaultbezel”/> to <ref bean=”bezel”/> Is there a value to put in, or put ...
    Joe Mannion
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  • Adaptive Authentication Roadmap

    Hello all,   It would be very nice to know the roadmap across RSA AA for on-premises version. We have now the 7.3 and 13 version. What is difference between both and why not converge to only one? What is the dra...
    Arafat Bique
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  • Is there a way to mass or bulk action cases or alerts?

    A bin range attack for example? Is it possible to flag any attempts from a particular IP address as fraud without going into each case individually? Thank you!!
    Marcel Surette
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  • Public Key

    RSA has requested that we provide a public key to encrypt some information we requested about our AA instance, before they send it to us.   We are waiting to hear back from RSA on clarification, but I thought I ...
    created by TIFFANY IRELAND
  • What is the fastest way to mark cases?

    When going to an open case, what is the fastest way to mark all items fraud?  Currently we have to go through each page and mark a decision on each event.  Looking for a faster way.    Also, if we...
    Brandon Nieto
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  • AAoP version comparison between v7.1 P6 and v7.3 P5

    I require a version comparison document between AAoP v7.1 P6 and v7.3 P5. Anyone having it please share. Customer needs it to plan an upgrade.
    Debashish Das
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  • Regarding upload related to maxmind geo ip

    How to update the geolocation ip in the solution RSA AAoP 7.0#
    Rajesh K
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  • Can we create a core and back office database in MS SQL Server 2012 by running the Unix Installer on AIX box.

    Hi All,   I have few questions regarding RSA AAOP 7.3 installation. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated !!!   1. I am trying to install a RSA AAOP 7.3 on my AIX operating system and where I have se...
    Ajay Dhyani
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  • cumulative rule in back office

    need to know whether cumulative rule is supported in RSA back office. e.g, need to challenge a customer if the transaction amount is greater than 50000
    Rajesh K
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  • How do I update username

    Is the action type UPDATE_USER_NAME finally available in 7.2 or 7.3? If so, what is needed in the request to accomplish the update?
    Michael Grace
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  • Review Action for a Rule AAoP not generate a Case

    Hello,    I have a doubt, I created a rule in AAoP, and when the condition is trigger, I selected the Review action and the Create Case button is selected by default (suppose always a case must be created),...
  • CSS and Logo for Out of Band Email

    Trying to set up out of band email using RSA Adaptive Authentication (On-Premise).  Back Office asks for the path for the CSS file and Logo file.  When we left those paths blank, the default CSS file and Log...
    Patrick Wong
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  • Why AAOP Back Office 'Default' organization only shows 14 tables when I Imported the policy with over 30 tables? Can I adjust for it somewhere?

    May Lei Min Oo
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  • How to write a Transaction Speed Rule in AA

    I'm writing a Rule with the Transaction Speed condition, but there are some doubts about it,    1)Is not clear how works the Transaction Speed condition, do you have examples?   2) The only valid valu...
    Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
    last modified by Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
  • Deployment failed: accessmanagement.war, backoffice.war, etc AAoP 7.3

    Hello, I'm doing a clean standalone setup in a QA environment  for AAoP 7.3 (before update to AAoP 7.4 P4) in a Red Hat Server 7.3, with Jboss 6.4 and Java 1.8, with a SQL 2012 DB server, I already finished to pr...
    Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
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  • Adaptive Auth 7.3 supported on WebSphere 8.5.5 on Windows/Linux?

    We currently have RSA Adaptive Authentication 7.1 installed on premise. We are planning to upgrade AA to version 7.3 on WebSphere version 8.5.5 in premise. In the AA upgrade documentation it is mentioned WebSphere ver...
    Kaushik Pan
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  • Risk analysis failed, reason code 1800

    Does anyone knows about the reason code 1800 on Adaptive Authentication on Premise 7.3 P2? There is not information about this at the official documentation API Guide.   Looking forward to the aa_server.log, see...
    Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
    last modified by Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala