Marshall Toburen

Navigating the Seas of Change: Managing Operational Risk with RSA Archer

Blog Post created by Marshall Toburen Employee on Nov 19, 2013

Having navigated the operational risk landscape within various Financial Institutions (FIs), I understand the dynamics and challenges of an evolving company.  On one hand, the business is growing and expanding through mergers and acquisitions or the launching of new products or services.  On the other hand, management must maintain a calm, firm hand on the rudder of the organization to ensure the business does not overextend or wander into perilous waters.  Finding the balance between these two considerable drivers makes all the difference as a financial institution maintains relevancy in today’s financial market through this constant flow of innovation and expansion. 


As a board-level discussion topic at all financial institutions today, operational risk is real and public disclosure of significant operational risk events has become an all too common occurrence. The growing complexity of FI activities, changing workforce, expansive and shifting regulatory requirements, and dependencies on third parties can dramatically impact an FI's operational risk profile in the absence of an effective operational risk management strategy. FI executives, shareholders, regulators and the public expect financial institutions to be proactively looking at risk, adjusting operations and reacting in a strategic manner that appropriately limits risk. RSA Archer helps FIs achieve a balance between risk and business agility through a comprehensive approach to Operational Risk Management.


I am pleased to announce the release of a White Paper: Financial Institutions: Managing Operational Risk with RSA Archer available on the website.  This paper explores the significant challenges Financial Institutions face with regard to today’s risk landscape and how RSA Archer can enable core Operational Risk processes.