Denise Sposato

Telecom Italia Information Technology Wins GRC Innovation Award for Transformational Risk Management Project at RSA Archer GRC Roadshow, Europe

Blog Post created by Denise Sposato Employee on Nov 19, 2013

I’m always fascinated to hear about what our customers are doing with their RSA Archer technologies. So it was understandably rather exciting to be involved in the GRC Innovation Awards that have just taken place within the Archer community. We received entries from a variety of organizations, all justifiably proud of how they’ve driven value for their businesses. The winner for Europe was Telecom Italia Information Technology.


The organization is the provider of ICT products and services to Telecom Italia. It is dedicated to offering the highest standards of infrastructure, systems and application management to its customers, and it holds a number of international accreditations. It was selected as the European winner of the GRC Innovation Award in recognition of the successful implementation of its new Risk Analysis and Management processes based on RSA Archer GRC.


The project involved a mix of elements, including:

  • A combination of several on-demand applications (ODAs) and questionnaires, powered by a unique methodology to systematically implement complex workflows and changes to any ODA, through a consistent and user-friendly GUI
  • A set of custom components to extend ODA capabilities quickly and easily when needed
  • An exclusive web-based infrastructure service that allows users to request more complex elaborations to ODA capabilities
  • A set of automatic tools to significantly reduce the effort needed to develop and maintain custom components, thereby keeping focus on business priorities and not workflow administration


Telecom Italia Information Technology expects a significant increase in productivity across its Risk Management processes. Also security governance is experiencing a boost in productivity, thanks to the implementation of several security indicators and automatic dashboards. These productivity improvements are in turn enabling Telecom Italia Information Technology to increase the number of processes that can be integrated into its Risk Management framework.


My hearty congratulations to the team at Telecom Italia Information Technology for the success of their project and their award win!