Denise Sposato

Bank of the West Goes from a Single Application to a Full GRC Program to Win GRC Innovation Award

Blog Post created by Denise Sposato Employee on Dec 18, 2013

One of the things I love most about the RSA Archer community is that members share their tips for overcoming not just the technical challenges, but also for winning support across the organization. My current favorite example of this comes from Bank of the West, who received a GRC Innovation Award at the RSA Archer Roadshow on 6th December in San Francisco.


When Andrea Dollen joined Bank of the West as business systems administrator, RSA Archer was being used for just one application, a highly customized version of Policy Exceptions. Her goal was to use RSA Archer and on-demand applications to transform more processes, and to build confidence in RSA Archer across the organization. “More users on the Archer platform means more information in it, which means a more accurate and thorough GRC program at Bank of the West.  I needed to ‘wow’ the crowd with new Archer functionality,” she said.


She built and deployed several on-demand applications and customized core applications to provide efficiencies where end user tools were desperately needed, and where executive management wanted visibility (via Dashboards). These covered:

  • Security Case Tracking
  • Legal & Compliance Projects
  • Business Continuity Plan Review with Annual Approvals
  • Disaster Recovery Exercise Action Items
  • Security Strategy Programs & Tasks
  • Archer Support Requests
  • Finding & Task Tracking for Information Security, Information Technology, and Third Party Services (Vendor)
  • Incident Management for Information Security


This innovation in the first few months won over many users, and word started to spread in the organization about RSA Archer. Today, she has a non-stop line of requests for new functionality to be added every day. “Executive management now has visibility into data in ways they never did before,” she said. “This allows them to better plan, make more informed decisions, and balance workloads.  Front-line employees are no longer spending hours massaging data and creating reports for management consumption, as they have all been put into real-time dashboards.  The successful implementation of Archer resulted in hundreds of man hours being saved each month that is now better spent on tasks that were getting overlooked. The Bank of the West team is now more efficient, more confident, and more organized, which also results in happier employees!”


Congratulations to Bank of the West on winning this award! We look forward to seeing the impact RSA Archer will have as the bank continues to innovate its GRC program.