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Healthier and Happier How you can use RSA Archer to create a safer and more profitable workplace

Blog Post created by Christopher Dodge Employee on Mar 18, 2014

It sounds almost too good to be true, right?  How can a business create a safer workplace for their employees while at the same time driving down costs?  At first glance these two goals seem completely opposed to each another. 


But if you step back and really think about the potential benefits of achieving both objectives, it quickly becomes apparent that these two goals are directly linked to each other. If a business can reduce the number of workplace related accidents and injuries to their employees, they are better able to lower costs to the business due to the loss of employee productivity, increased healthcare costs as well as fines and penalties imposed by various industry and government regulators.


But how do businesses go about implementing a comprehensive program to effectively identify, monitor and resolve workplace illness and injury events?  Using the new RSA Archer Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) solution is one way businesses have begun to resolve these challenges.  The RSA Archer EHS solution provides a systematic process to enable businesses to create and track recordable events and provides powerful dashboards and reporting tools so that employees and business owners can quickly find the information they need. 


Government regulators like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have stringent reporting guidelines that require business to annually report on their workplace related illnesses and injuries.  Reporting this information in the required OSHA Form 300 format can often be a very time consuming and costly process due to manual processes and the use of spreadsheets often used to track this information.  The RSA Archer EHS solution simplifies the reporting process required by OSHA by enabling business’s to generate OSHA Form 300 formatted reports directly from Archer.


If you would like to learn more about the RSA Archer EHS solution and how it can help make your workplace a safer and more profitable one, make sure you register for the upcoming RSA Archer webcast on Best Practices for Compliance with Environmental Health & Safety Regulations by selecting on link below.


Webcast Title: Best Practices for Compliance with Environmental Health & Safety Regulations

Date and time:   March 20 at 11 am EDT