Announcing the new RSA Archer Audit Management Solution!

Blog Post created by PatrickP Employee on Jun 24, 2014

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the latest RSA Archer Audit Management solution! This has been a collective effort between our strategy, product and engineering teams, driven by fantastic feedback by our Audit Working Group, advisory partners and analysts.

When we started this journey, we had specific goals that we were looking to achieve.  But, based on all of our partner and customer feedback, we've not only achieved those goals but far surpassed them - and here are just a few examples:


  • We offer a solution that enables Internal Audit organizations to execute their entire lifecycle in one tool - no more separate spreadsheets, reporting packages or databases. RSA Archer   Audit Management combines Institute of Internal Audit and COSO standards with best practices - both for Internal Audit and Governance, Risk and Compliance disciplines.
  • We propel Internal Audit groups ahead as they mature their organizations from being silo’ed functions to working with and then aligning with their organization's risk and compliance functions.  This not only gives them visibility into how other groups are assessing risks, testing controls and evaluating the business, but also enables an alignment of approaches, resources and results.
  • We offer a true offline audit solution that allows audit teams to work in connected or unconnected modes and allows multiple team members to work on the same audit record.


There's so much more, and the links at the bottom take you to all the details.


The world of Internal Audit is changing - and fast. The goal for Internal Audit all along has been to be that independent assessor of controls and risks - the "third line of defense". That hasn't changed. What has changed is that Internal Audit must:


  • Demonstrate their value more and more to the organization
  • Show how they complement other risk and compliance groups
  • Prove that they are in touch with the needs of the organization and its strategic direction
  • Demonstrate that they focus on critical risks Show that they are a strategic partner to management

The new RSA Archer Audit Management solution enables Internal Audit groups of all size, industry and market to progress toward this vision - no matter where they are on the path to maturity.

We've given sneak peeks to many existing and prospective customers, partners and analysts and the feedback is unanimously and overwhelmingly positive! We think you'll like it too. Please contact me at for any questions you have, and here are a few links to give you more information.