Steve Schlarman

Things that go Bump in the CyberNight

Blog Post created by Steve Schlarman Employee on Oct 28, 2014

A little verse, in honor of Halloween.


It was a dark and stormy night and all through the network

ghostly ghouls and scary creatures around each byte lurk.


Zombies crash through the firewall and Monsters infect machines

Goblins eat up data, Yikes! it is such a horrible scene.


We find our heroes trying, Oh, so diligently

Art the dogged security guy and Tim the admin techie.


Creeping through the darkness, to find the latest foe

A flashlight as their only tool, the batteries running low.


Footprints left by invisible villains  and traces they cannot see

and unknown to our heroes, data leaving the DMZ.


The maze of the network twists and turns  and shifts constantly

And the creatures grow more powerful becoming monstrosities.


Werewolf, Dracula and Frankenstein as scary as they are

Today’s digital adversaries are more terrifying by far.


In underground lairs, they connive and scheme and plan their evil ways.

They build their tools to attack your bits to steal anything that pays.


Poor Art and Tim work day and night, building up their perimeter walls

only to see the fruits of their labor fail, in minutes the defense falls.


So Art and Tim do research and find the answers they seek

They begin to tackle the problem, the dream of every geek.


They find answers to lock the windows and solutions to look the door

Their managers are happy and keep asking for more.


Their systems now require magic digits that befuddle the foes

to keep the creepsters out of the data and the users on their toes.


No longer do they use a flashlight but have a spotlight to illuminate

They capture every packet and log to inspect and investigate.


Every click is watched so close, to Art and Tim’s wonder

To make sure those bad guys don’t steal, pilfer, and plunder.


The fraudsters try to steal every hard earned buck

But with Art and Tim paving the way, too bad – they are just out of luck.


Policy and controls are wrapped up in a nice little bow.

Because of GRC, you see, Art and Tim are in the know.


And audit and vendors and risk and continuity

Are managed well to deal with business in all its spontaneity.


With intelligence on criminals, our heroes don’t lose heart

They are ready to stop the cybercrime, before it can even start.


With visibility, analytics and action, Art and Tim are feeling right

And can protect the day against the things that go bump in the cyber-night.