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Execution: The Difference Maker

Blog Post created by Steve Schlarman Employee on Mar 17, 2015

Execution.  What is your reaction to this word?  If you were part of the ruling monarchy during the age of the Revolutions, you probably weren’t a big fan of this word.  If you were part of the lower class BEFORE the age of the Revolutions, you probably weren't a big fan either.   Some words create an immediate image in our minds when we see it.  Execution is one of them.  Dessert is another – wonderful when we want something sweet, not so wonderful when we are trying to cut back on calories.  Some words instantaneously conjure up positive or negative connotations all depending on one’s current mood and frame of reference.


But I digress, let’s go back to Execution.  In my current mood and frame of reference, Execution is a tremendously positive word.  Why?  Because execution is the most important thing when it comes to being successful.   Execution is the difference between a goal and an accomplishment. Execution is the difference between a perfectly performed triple Salchow jump and a broken ankle.  Execution is the difference between black dots on a page and Beethoven’s 5th symphony.   Execution is where it is at, where it happens, where achievements are realized


Last week, Gartner released its IT Risk Management Magic Quadrant and I am pleased to announce EMC (RSA)’s placement as a leader in this space.   One of the major benefits in this report is the emphasis Gartner placed on customer input, validation and opinions.  The report focused much on customer experiences and the tangible results evidenced by their implementations.  We are proud, and thankful, that our customers reported such a high level of success resulting in our stellar position – especially when it comes to Execution.

We all understand the immense importance of technology in our lives today.  And we all see the headlines today.  There is a shadow hanging over our technological advances.  IT Risk has walked onto the center stage of every business.  In fact, it hasn’t walked. It has executed a perfect triple Salchow jump into the spotlight for boards and shareholders at companies worldwide.  And hence, the Execution of managing IT risk has to be top notch.


RSA Archer’s execution towards building a comprehensive strategy in helping our customers implement a sustainable, relevant IT risk program has been many years in the making.  Starting with our roots in security policy and compliance management, we have constantly pursued other components to respond to the ‘ever changing IT risk landscape’.  As cliché as that phrase is, it is still accurate as a guiding principle to our strategy.  The additions of Vulnerability Risk Management and Security Operations Management and continued integrations into the broader RSA portfolio have expanded our capabilities and the Gartner Magic Quadrant is definitive evidence.   We don’t take RSA’s mission of ‘Relentlessly pursuing Trust in the Digital World’ lightly.  RSA Archer is a vibrant, critical piece of that strategy and we continue to execute towards that goal.


In the Magic Quadrant report, Gartner outlines the critical capabilities of an IT Risk program.  This important point of view can help you frame your strategy.  The Magic Quadrant report also validates our commitment in being a leader of IT Risk Management solution providers as we were positioned highest for ability to execute.  This Magic Quadrant report comes on the heels of other Gartner reports highlighting areas of risk: Operational Risk, IT Vendor Risk and Business Continuity.   RSA Archer has been noted as a leader in all of these reports.  If you contemplate the most pressing risks of companies today, IT, Operational, Third Party and Resiliency risks top the list.  The Gartner series of MQs outline the market for risk management solution providers.  I recommend researching those reports.  As an RSA Archer customer, know you have a partner that is working hard to execute on a vision and strategy that will make you a success in managing risk across the enterprise.


Check out our Community page for more information on the MQ series.




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