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The 2015 Archer Summit is now in the history books, and what a Summit it was! We were thrilled to have the chance to share all of the exciting things RSA Archer is up to. And, yet again, the incredible contributions and collaboration of Archer customers, partners and sponsors provided an unmatched opportunity for GRC professionals to learn, share and network with their peers.


What’s more, Archer Summit provided the perfect opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of our customers and partners who continue to inspire their fellow GRC practitioners in implementing governance, risk, and compliance solutions in unique ways. These award winners are building cutting-edge applications and integrations using RSA Archer to support process automation, collaboration and reporting.


Platinum Award for Excellence

  • Energy Future Holdings -- Energy Future Holdings leveraged RSA Archer to define Controls, manage their assessment/testing process, associate the findings and exceptions and remediation plans, tie the controls to respective regulatory requirements as well as associated risks.

Gold Award for Excellence

  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services -- CMS was the first federal customer to deploy RSA Archer Assessment and Authorization and to retire a legacy system. They can now generate near-real-time views into their security posture of systems.

Gold Awards for Innovation

  • Comcast -- Comcast implemented a security self service program that consolidates reports from numerous security tools, provides real-time analysis and visually appealing metrics, and automates remediation.
  • Biogen -- Biogen built a comprehensive risk assessment and monitoring process for corporate compliance, achieving user adoption within three months.
  • The Hartford -- The Hartford built an “Employee Relation Cases” solution to manage employee conflicts with workflow and reporting to analyze root cause of submissions across the organization.

Return On Investment Awards

  • Berkshire Bank -- Berkshire Bank saw tremendous ROI, saving administrators 150 hours per year with policy management and streamlining their incident escalation process.
  • Aetna -- Aetna retired two large platforms for Vendor Management and Audit, bringing those workstreams into Archer. They will recoup investment for these modules and see cost savings within the next year.

Alliance Excellence Award

  • Atento and KPMG -- KPMG Brazil was selected by Atento, one of the largest provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing globally, to develop and support their SOX Program. Atento has combined several Archer solutions  to create cultural transformation to a Risk and Compliance minded company where risk management and controls are now incorporated throughout the company.

Community Advocate Award

  • Scott Hagemeyer, U.S. Bank  -- This is the first year for the Community Advocate Award. The Archer ‘Community’ is broad reaching and includes offline and online activities, from the RSA Archer GRC Summit, Roadshows, and regional user groups to the online Archer Communities of Practice. In just the past three years, the membership of the Archer Communities has grown by more than 65% -- growth that is directly related to the continued support and engagement of Archer customers like Scott.


We’d like to extend our hearty congratulations to these well-deserving award winners, and we’d like to thank all of our customers, partners and sponsors who made this year’s Archer Summit a resounding success. We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Archer Summit in New Orleans (Oct. 26-28, 2016)!

We'd like to congratulate this year's recipients of the RSA Archer Innovation and Excellence Awards, the new Community Advocate, ROI, VAR Channel, and Alliance Awards, plus the FedEx team for the 'Best in Class' Summit presentation voted on by 2015 attendees - well done all!

    • FedEx:    Frank Kendralla, Syderek Watson (7 Steps How FedEx Uses RSA Archer To Create The Ultimate CSA!)

    • U.S. Bank:  Scott Hagemeyer


    • Energy Future Holdings: Carolyn Pakes, Rachit Gupta, Manohan Singh, Rishabh Deswal, Pallavi Kaul


    • KPMG Brazil and Atento:  Leandro Antonio


    • DHS and infoReliance: Matt House, Gabriel Romero, Ricardo Goncalves


    • Bank of the West:  Andrea Dollen & Drew Osborne
    • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Thomas Schankweiler
    • Delta:  Robert Lewis, Crystal Hemmings, Tim Lewis
    • Wells Fargo:  Robert Milden



    • AAA NCNU:  Kate Muir Weiss and Jessica Kelley (AAA NCNU), Tim Carson (Bofi Federal Bank), Scott Byrum (Seebright LLC) and Nate Rich (Security Risk Advisors)



    • Biogen:  Travis Gregory and the Biogen Team
    • Comcast:  Laura Whitt-Winyard, Kallol Ray, Ramesh Sepehrrad, Chuck Hudson
    • The Hartford:  Juliet Sullivan, Mark Foster, Kara Kennedy, Matt Galarneau

    • Aetna:  Jimmy Doctor
    • Berkshire Bank:  Michael Hastings, Marianne Hoag, Ryan Melle, Patricia Nebosky, Melissa Taylor, Sumi Basnet

It’s not hard to believe that in our 12th year of the RSA Archer GRC Summit, we continue to be inspired by the shared expertise and experiences of Archer practitioners and experts. The passion and energy of this gathering is exceptional and it’s contagious. Today, I heard the Archer Summit lovingly referred to by colleagues as a “family reunion” for so many of us “GRC veterans.” It’s so true. It’s also been a pleasure to welcome so many new faces this year -- one more sign of the growing emphasis on risk and compliance for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.


The face of risk is changing. We all read about high profile risk-related issues that continue to plague companies. Boards, executives, regulators, auditors and shareholders see those same headlines, and they are demanding more due diligence and visibility into GRC programs. This scrutiny is moving downstream to smaller enterprises, and risk management becoming a pervasive issue for organizations of all sizes, in all industries. We all know risk is a multi-dimensional problem – and it continues to become increasingly more complex. This ever-changing risk landscape requires agility


We heard yesterday from David Walter, RSA Archer Go To Market Lead, how important it is to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk.” That means everyone must act as a “risk manager” within their own role. Your organization’s business units -- the first line of defense – will have more pressure to manage business risk. And our roles as risk and compliance experts will change as organizations lean more and more on our expertise. The future of risk and compliance will require everyone to own risk.


RSA Archer’s role is to merge market needs, customer requirements and technology to create solutions that inspire organizations like yours to change the way you think about risk management. We want to inspire your users, your fellow employees to change the way they think about compliance and risk and how they conduct business. Archer technology needs to provide you and your executive team with the insight you need to take advantage of new opportunities – and to take on the risks that will make your organization successful.


As Archer Summit attendees well know, GRC is not a challenge that can be solved with simply technology. It is a business imperative that must be addressed through a shift in focus, priority and culture within an organization, making risk management part of how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. That’s what Archer Summit is all about!

It’s official – the 12th annual RSA Archer GRC Summit is off and running in the great city of Chicago!  After a surprise visit from the Blues Brothers - Jake and Elwood, (aptly played by David Walter and Shai Cohen) we got down to business and kicked off our annual event with great style.


When you think about it, Chicago is very apropos as the location for Archer Summit, given this city’s storied past of overcoming

challenges. At the forefront of the United States’ expansion westward, Chicago was a stronghold as the frontier opened up and became a key trading hub. In fact, Chicago mirrors some of the core tenets of governance, risk and compliance:


  • GRC acts as a stronghold against risk elements as your business faces new frontiers.
  • GRC fosters and protects growth of your business as you explore new opportunities.
  • And GRC must be an integral program for organizations going forward.


Each year, the Archer Summit continues to grow – from the number of attendees and the maturity of the GRC industry, to our understanding of the challenges managing a rapidly changing risk landscape. Today's challenging business environment demands scale. Boards and regulators are increasing their scrutiny of business risks. Executives are demanding more organizational agility while at the same time maintaining control. What’s more, organizations’ continued dependence on information technology and the ever-increasing severity of attacks on IT means digital risk is now equally considered with financial, liquidity and supply chain risk.


This is where a scaleable GRC program gives organizations the ability to better manage risk and compliance activities, to focus resources

where they can make the greatest difference to the business. Scale for your GRC program can be defined by two factors. The first is results, which is getting the most value out of your GRC efforts. The second is reach, in creating a common view of risk across various functions throughout your enterprise. As your organization grows in results and reach, your overall GRC program matures and achieves scale.


As risk continues to evolve more rapidly than ever, organizations are decentralizing risk management to put it as close as possible

to where the risk is most visible. At the end of the day, GRC is about how you manage risk for your organization. You are the safety net for when things out of the business' control go wrong, and you provide the environment for strategic initiatives for your GRC program to succeed. But you can no longer do this alone.


The media is constantly alerting us about data breaches, operational losses and compliance violations. The rapid pace of technological

development and shifting business models will result in more and more of these events. Organizations need to mature their program to embed risk management beyond the risk team. We know that if the “first line of defense” (business units) was properly engaged in the risk management process, we could prevent more losses and create an early warning system for potential risk. We could limit attacks, eliminate operational inefficiency, and better enable organizations to achieve their most strategic growth objectives.


That’s why our collective mission must be to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk.” That is our passion. That is our commitment. 

We have a jam-packed schedule of Archer Summit sessions, demos, working groups and other events designed to inspire attendees with ways to mature their GRC programs.


And we’re just getting started!

Until now, organizations have primarily focused on risks that can be managed through the implementation of controls, but offer little to no upside or benefit. However, with increasing stakeholder demands and an ever-evolving business landscape, leading organizations are now focusing more of their time and efforts on managing the risks that impact value creation.


The Survey concluded that organizations that directly involve risk management are better able to identify, manage and respond to the risks that impact their business and are better positioned to capitalize on the upside potential of risk. 


We invite you to peruse the entire EY GRC Survey 2015 - today. You just may look at risk differently.

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