Steve Schlarman

Day 2 at the Archer Summit @ RSA Charge

Blog Post created by Steve Schlarman Employee on Oct 22, 2015

It’s not hard to believe that in our 12th year of the RSA Archer GRC Summit, we continue to be inspired by the shared expertise and experiences of Archer practitioners and experts. The passion and energy of this gathering is exceptional and it’s contagious. Today, I heard the Archer Summit lovingly referred to by colleagues as a “family reunion” for so many of us “GRC veterans.” It’s so true. It’s also been a pleasure to welcome so many new faces this year -- one more sign of the growing emphasis on risk and compliance for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.


The face of risk is changing. We all read about high profile risk-related issues that continue to plague companies. Boards, executives, regulators, auditors and shareholders see those same headlines, and they are demanding more due diligence and visibility into GRC programs. This scrutiny is moving downstream to smaller enterprises, and risk management becoming a pervasive issue for organizations of all sizes, in all industries. We all know risk is a multi-dimensional problem – and it continues to become increasingly more complex. This ever-changing risk landscape requires agility


We heard yesterday from David Walter, RSA Archer Go To Market Lead, how important it is to “Inspire Everyone to Own Risk.” That means everyone must act as a “risk manager” within their own role. Your organization’s business units -- the first line of defense – will have more pressure to manage business risk. And our roles as risk and compliance experts will change as organizations lean more and more on our expertise. The future of risk and compliance will require everyone to own risk.


RSA Archer’s role is to merge market needs, customer requirements and technology to create solutions that inspire organizations like yours to change the way you think about risk management. We want to inspire your users, your fellow employees to change the way they think about compliance and risk and how they conduct business. Archer technology needs to provide you and your executive team with the insight you need to take advantage of new opportunities – and to take on the risks that will make your organization successful.


As Archer Summit attendees well know, GRC is not a challenge that can be solved with simply technology. It is a business imperative that must be addressed through a shift in focus, priority and culture within an organization, making risk management part of how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. That’s what Archer Summit is all about!