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The exciting tales of Marty Bishop have begun and last week Episode #1 - Enter the Maestro concluded.  We find our intrepid hero investigating a series of interesting traffic patterns flowing over the corporate network.   In the world of The Kingdom, this translates into a mysterious band of men surveying key parts of Marty's imagined world.   A simple malware infection?  A serious breach?  More unfolds as we learn more in Episode #2 - The Maestro's Score.




If you missed it you can recap by reading each blog:

Introducing Marty Bishop

In the Hunter's Sights

The Cat Prowls

The Wizard


To find out what this all means to you as a risk or security professional, see the Technical Dialogue.


For those of you who want to read the story offline or binge read, check out the eBook.


Hooked?  Great! You are ready to move on and see Marty begin to unravel this mystery in the first part of Episode 2.

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