Patrick Potter

Announcing the RSA Archer Champion Network!

Blog Post created by Patrick Potter Employee on May 3, 2016



We are thrilled to announce the kickoff of the RSA Archer Champion Network!  Keep reading to understand what it is, how it will benefit you and what you can do to get engaged.


Why do we need the RSA Archer Champion Network? Today, RSA Archer reaches out to customers that provide product feedback, talk with other customers, speak at events, etc., but we often go to the same people and don’t have an official process for selecting or maintaining a vibrant and balanced group across use cases, industries and markets.  We need to build a complete network of GRC SMEs (aka RSA Archer Champions) that will become advocates and defenders of RSA Archer, and who we can in turn mentor and help build their GRC presence.


What is the RSA Archer Champion Network? A new, selective group of the most effective Archer advocates that have proven they go above and beyond to help drive Archer deep into their organizations, industry or market.  Champions will continue to serve as a critical source for roadmap feedback, will serve on advisory councils, speak at events, co-author blogs and articles, and participate in analyst activities, among other things.


Who can be a Champion? A Champion can be any Archer user, Subject Matter Expert (SME), champion, advocate or administrator from customer organizations.


How are Champions selected?

Each person nominates himself or herself by completing this self-nomination form at  An internal RSA Archer Selection Committee reviews the submissions for inclusion as a Champion.


What’s in it for the RSA Archer Champions?

  • Exclusivity – Being part of an exclusive RSA Archer Champion Network – think of it as a “platinum” club in Archer circles.  
  • Engagement – Champions will be pulled into conversations, events, requests and thought leadership, schedules permitting.  Without overusing our Champions, we would like them to be consistently engaged with us on various levels to post, speak, volunteer, reach out to others, etc.
  • Information – We have a private subspace on the RSA Link Community and provide Champions with access and special insights from and access to our leaders through newsletters, special blogs from SMEs, invitations to special events and other insights. 
  • Recognition – We will make our Champions our special guests at RSA Charge, User Groups, Working Groups and other events. We’ll recognize Champions at these events or whenever attending other RSA meetings or calls.
  • Career Building – With Archer positions growing in the market, this Champion status will be marketable. 


Private RSA Archer Champion Network Community

This subspace will be where the Champions can post their bios, meet other Champions, initiate and respond to discussions, post questions, see Archer activities they can participate in and receive updates from Archer professionals and other Champions.  We have given access to this site to certain internal RSA employees because we want the Champions to engage with them online as well. 


Next Steps:

  • Click on the graphic at the top of this blog, which will take you to the self-nomination form.  Complete and submit the form to nominate yourself as a potential RSA Archer Champion!
  • The Selection Committee will review submissions, select Champions and announce them at the end of June 2016.  The submission process will remain open indefinitely as we continue to build the Champion Network.
  • Invite other individuals you feel would qualify also to self-nominate.


The Champion Network is meant to drive the Archer product forward and help you build your presence as an RSA Archer GRC expert.  With input and share of voice from Archer supporters like you, we are confident we will all be successful!  We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to build your professional network and help us together build the Archer Champion Network.  For any questions, reach out to Patrick Potter or Denise Sposato