Denise Sposato

GRC 6.1 Launch Is Coming – Are You Ready? Registered?

Blog Post created by Denise Sposato Employee on May 13, 2016

As we get closer to actual launch day of the new GRC 6.1, I want to make sure you’ll be able to access the multitude of GRC 6.1-specific content as you will not want to be on the outside looking in. This launch will be unlike any other in Archer history.


To access everything from Solutions and Use Cases, to documentation, videos, training, and so much more, you’ll need to have 1) a ‘registered’ RSA Link account, and 2) access to the ‘private Archer Customer/Partner Community.


The complete registration process, from start to finish, takes only a couple of minutes, and is a one-time only event. If you are an Archer customer or partner, and have not already completed the registration process, please follow the steps outlined below – you’ll be very glad you did!


Registration Steps With and/or Without Access to Case Management:


STEP #1: Go to the RSA Link home page:


click on the red REGISTER NOW button.


STEP #2: Register for an account using your corporate email address. You must type your email address and your First and Last Name; do not cut and paste

NOTE: If you do not wish to have Case Management access, you MUST Uncheck the ‘I am a CustomerBox & Complete Registration;

If you do wish Case Management access, you must include your License Key to continue (if you don’t know your License Key, your account rep can assist you)


STEP #3: You will be then asked to set-up ‘3’ security questions to complete your registration


STEP #4: Now, LOGIN to your new RSA Link account so it is captured


STEP #5: complete the Archer Customer/Partner (private) Community Request Access form:


Once these steps are completed, I will receive the Request Access form and it will be processed promptly. If you have any questions or issues, please contact me directly at