Denise Sposato

Launching Oct. 25:  The Archer NAVIGATOR TOOL - Designed To Help You Take Charge & Power Your Path to Archer Success

Blog Post created by Denise Sposato Employee on Oct 2, 2016



We know that there is an enormous amount of content on the Archer Customer/Partner Community, 3800+ pieces to be exact, and it grows every single day. Now add the 40 RSA University training courses, and it can be a daunting task figuring out what is relevant content based on your role within your organization, and your level of Archer experience.


We knew we had to do something to make you successful with Archer training and implementation. You’ve told us so much; and we listened, and acted.


We are pleased to announce that on October 25, at RSA Charge 2016, and also on the Archer GRC Community, we will be launching the new Archer NAVIGATOR Tool.


This NAVIGATOR Tool is the FIRST step in an ongoing 3-step campaign to make it easier for Archer customers like you to find relevant training and documentation, plus helpful support content, based on your role within your organization – Archer Admin, Archer Tech Admin, Business User, or End User, and your knowledge level of Archer - from Getting Started (1-2 years), to Expanding (3-4 years) to Advanced (5 years+). 


Phase 2 will start right after Charge, and Phase 3 of the NAVIGATOR Tool will launch in Q1 2017.

There is a dedicated team of Archer employees, across different business units to help you take charge and power your way to Archer success. The team is focused on building upon each Phase of the NAVIGATOR Tool to make a significant improvement over the prior version. And, we will count on your feedback to help us reach this goal. Our endgame at the conclusion of Phase 3 will be to deliver you an automated solution to manage our informational assets, helping you be an Archer success.


Over the next several weeks, leading up to Charge 2016, you will see blogs from Kathy Coe, Education Services/RSA University; Anya Kricsfeld, Technical Support; Megan Olvera, Education Services/RSA University; Meg O’Neil, Engineering; Susan Read-Miller, Product Marketing; Amy Robertson, Solutions; Denise Sposato, Product Marketing/Communities; and Elizabeth Wenzel, Technical Publications.


If you are attending RSA Charge 2016, there will be 3 lab sessions in Room 225 that you can register to attend on the RSA Charge 2016 microsite, or just drop by. If you haven’t registered yet for RSA Charge 2016, do so today, or visit the RSA Charge microsite for full details.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 26:    11:15 - 12:00 Noon
  • Wednesday, Oct. 26:      3:45 - 4:30 pm
  • Thursday, Oct. 27:        11:15 - 12:00 Noon 


We are very excited to launch Phase 1 of the Archer NAVIGATOR Tool on October 25 – hope to see you at RSA Charge in New Orleans, or on the Archer GRC Community.


Take Charge! Power Your Path to Archer Success!