Steve Schlarman

RSA Charge - Call For Speakers!

Blog Post created by Steve Schlarman Employee on Apr 24, 2017

So time flies… It seems like yesterday when the RSA customer community gathered in New Orleans to share experiences and learn new tactics and strategies. 2017 marked the 13th year of the RSA Archer user community summit and believe it or not, year number 14 is just around the corner.   Last week, we announced the call for speakers for RSA Charge 2017 and I cannot wait to start seeing the speaker submissions flowing in.  

We have put together a stellar team to construct the learning tracks to optimize your experience. As content chairperson for the RSA Archer portion of RSA Charge, I have the privilege of seeing this process unfold. While this will be my 9th user group conference with RSA and Archer, it is still inspiring to hear you tell the stories of your successes - how you overcame challenges or leveraged an innovative approach to deliver strategic value to your organization.

If you are contemplating submitting a session, know that this is a very rewarding experience. Presenting to your peers can be a bit unnerving but the satisfaction and return is well worth it. To teach others is to learn about oneself. Thinking through your experiences, applying your new found knowledge and acknowledging your successes and lessons learned is as much of a benefit as imparting your wisdom to others.

A few topics come to mind as food for thought if you are looking for ideas:

  • We always welcome stories about how your long term strategies unfolded in your companies. Our Take Command of Your Risk Management Journey track is dedicated to hearing how you built your plans, gathered forces and conquered the difficult path that risk and compliance efforts can sometimes take.  
  • As the market moves toward concepts of Integrated Risk Management, the Inspire Everyone to Own Risk track needs content focused on engaging all lines of defense to manage risk. How your company is blending different risk initiatives - Operational Risk, Resiliency, 3rd Party Risk and Audit – is a topic of keen interest.
  • We can’t forget the Compliance world either. Many of your GRC and risk management efforts were borne out of compliance drivers and our Transforming Compliance track is THE place to tell your tale. One topic that keeps coming up is the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Any story of how your organization was better prepared for GDPR or any new regulation based on the RSA Archer implementation is a great learning topic for all participants.
  • And what RSA user group conference is not complete without stories of how IT & security risk is being managed. RSA Archer has a great legacy when it comes to helping IT & security teams manage risk processes. Vulnerability and threat management, security incident processes, IT compliance and general IT risk strategies are top of mind subjects for every organization today and perfect for the Managing Technology Risk in Your Business track.
  • Last but certainly not least are the RSA Archer Technical Tracks. This is where the innovation, creativity and expert chops of RSA Archer administrators come to the forefront.   The topics in these tracks range from inventive workflows to state-of-the-art API integrations and more.

I invite all of you to take a look across your implementation of RSA Archer and pull out those nuggets to share with your peers. RSA Charge is the perfect venue to help others navigate their own challenges. Hope to see and hear you in Dallas!

Check out our webinar in preparing to submit your proposal.