Susan Read-Miller

The RSA Exchange is Back!

Blog Post created by Susan Read-Miller Employee on Oct 10, 2017

It’s back and it’s better than ever! Introducing the bigger and better RSA Exchange, formerly known as the RSA Archer Exchange or RSA Archer Focused Solutions.


RSA Archer use cases provide the foundation to help you quickly get risk management programs up and running. But oftentimes, your program requires an industry or geographic-specific business process outside the scope of RSA Archer use cases. You then create new applications from scratch using on-demand applications (ODAs) to manage adjacent or supporting risk and compliance processes.

RSA Exchange Offering Types


The new and improved RSA Exchange helps you easily access and download best-practice ODA offerings created by RSA and RSA SecurWorld partners, known as App-Packs, via the RSA Link online community. In addition, RSA Exchange highlights RSA Ready certified Integrations that enable you to pass risk data between the RSA Archer Platform and third party offerings, as well as Tools & Utilities to help administrators manage the Platform.


In our first release of the RSA Exchange, we introduced two new App-Packs:

  • RSA Archer Cybersecurity Framework Management - providing government agencies and private sector businesses a method to assess and measure their cybersecurity posture, address gaps, and report on cybersecurity in a meaningful way that is understood by all stakeholders
  • RSA Archer Project Management - offering a simple framework for managing multiple large-scale projects simultaneously, accounting for milestone scope and delivery timelines within the allotted budget, and documenting team tasks and related expenses


RSA Exchange App-Packs leverage ODAs for licensing. Each of these offerings indicates pre-requisite use cases and the number of required ODAs.


The RSA Exchange Release R1 also highlights several new RSA Ready-certified integrations including:


And there are more to come! The RSA Exchange is an integral part of the RSA Archer ecosystem, providing a faster and more flexible development cycle for RSA and RSA partners to deliver value-add offerings for your RSA Archer implementation. Look for new offerings and updates to our existing offerings on a quarterly basis.


Interested in learning more about the RSA Exchange offerings? Check out the site to learn more about the great offerings mentioned above. In addition, the RSA Exchange team will at RSA Charge! Come visit us next week, October 17-19, at the RSA Exchange demo pod in the RSA Charge Innovation Zone to learn more!