Susan Read-Miller

RSA Exchange Release R2 Delivers New App-Packs For Exam Management and Support Requests, New Integrations, and Tools & Utilities from RSA Partners

Blog Post created by Susan Read-Miller Employee on Nov 14, 2017

As promised, we’re ready to offer our quarterly release for the RSA Exchange!


If you haven’t heard, the new and improved RSA Exchange helps you easily access and download best-practice ODA App-Packs, Integrations and Tools & Utilities on the RSA Exchangeofferings created by RSA and RSA SecurWorld partners, known as App-Packs, via the RSA Link online community. It also highlights RSA Ready certified Integrations that enable you to pass risk data between the RSA Archer Platform and third party offerings, as well as Tools & Utilities to help administrators manage the Platform.


First, I’d like to welcome two new partners to the RSA Exchange Technology Partner Program. This program enables RSA SecurWorld Partners to develop and offer best practice App-Packs and Tools & Utilities on the RSA Exchange. RSA Exchange Release R2 includes the first offerings from our RSA SecurWorld partners:


I am very excited to bring our partner’s offerings to you and help begin our partner’s journey with the RSA Exchange. Be sure to check out them out on the RSA Exchange.


At RSA Charge 2017 last month, I heard many stories about your risk and compliance successes, as well as the amazing response your organizations have had to GRC programs using RSA Archer technology.  One of the most common questions was “how do you handle the large volume of enhancement and new use case requests?”  Many organizations have created an on-demand application (ODA) to handle these requests.  In addition, RSA Archer has been asked to help provide a more formal process for handling the data collections process for regulatory examinations. To help address these business issues, RSA Exchange Release R2 introduces two new App-Packs:

  • RSA Archer Support Requests captures end user requests and recommendations for enhancing RSA Archer business processes and use cases. Organizations can easily manage their business teams’ ideas for process improvements and innovations by enabling end users to submit business process changes, ideas for new reports, requests to delete records, proposals for updating dashboards and iViews, specifications for enhancing application layouts, requests for user access, and more.
  •  RSA Archer Exam Management  helps organizations prepare for, document, and manage the processes for conducting an audit examination. This offering provides a centralized process to efficiently manage scoping, data collection, collaboration, and the post analysis phase of an exam. Organizations can track the phases of an exam; assign, collect, and track information requests; log hours worked on each phase; and maintain visibility into related loss events.


RSA Exchange Release R2 also highlights several new RSA Ready-certified integrations:


Interested in learning more about these offerings? If you are planning to attend the RSA Archer Summit in London this week, drop by the RSA Exchange demo pod to learn more! We also invite you to join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on December 1, 2017 that will highlight these offerings.  And, as always, you can visit the RSA Exchange for all of the details.