Steve Schlarman

RSA Archer 6.4 General Availability Announced

Blog Post created by Steve Schlarman Employee on Apr 18, 2018

A key to delivering a solid risk management program is the quality and performance of the processes fueling your organizations’ strategy. Getting solid results through efficient processes enables your program to achieve the reach necessary across the enterprise to address risk effectively. These two facets – quality and performance – were the key themes of our most recent release.

I am pleased to announce the general availability of RSA Archer Release 6.4. RSA Archer 6.4 delivers enhanced capabilities for RSA Archer Platform focused on improved data quality and feed performance and greater performance and serviceability.

Integration is critical in gathering the information for your risk program. RSA Archer’s integration capabilities are core to the platform and the 6.4 release enhances the data feed capabilities in RSA Archer with more ability to transform inbound data before it is brought into the RSA Archer Platform. Release 6.4 also improves the performance of data feeds by batching records and calculation improvements.

In addition, there are some fantastic new features that improve the user experience and make life easier for administrators. The ability to embed reports on application forms and calculate cross-references based on data filters are two new capabilities that will improve how users view data and how administrators can streamline data input.   For easier serviceability of the RSA Archer Platform, a new permissions investigation console has been added to simplify the role and group access control troubleshooting. Additionally, the expansion of advanced workflow capabilities captures advanced auditing insight and logging workflow history within the History Log field.

RSA Archer Release 6.4 also introduces new capabilities for RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management use case offerings:

  • The new RSA Archer Cyber Incident and Breach Response use case is designed to align security to business risk. It provides a consistent measure of control efficacy and centralizes the process for responding to business impacting security incident.
  • New capabilities for the RSA Archer Information Security Management System (ISMS) use case enable users to automate scoping of ISMS resources, conduct a gap analysis, and generate a Statement of Applicability.

These are just some of the highlights of the release.   With the release of 6.3 in October 2017 and this release, we continue on our journey to make RSA Archer the system of engagement and insight and help your organization implement high quality, high performance risk management processes.

For more information, see the Product Advisory.