Susan Read-Miller

RSA Exchange Celebrates One Year and Announces RSA Exchange Release R5

Blog Post created by Susan Read-Miller Employee on Aug 14, 2018

It seems hard to believe, but it’s been ONE YEAR since we re-launched the RSA Exchange in August 2017!


Over the past 12 months, we’ve completed 5 quarterly releases with 8 app-packs, 6 tools & utilities, 41 integrations, and added the RSA Archer Content Library – WOW! With nearly 120,000 views of RSA Exchange offerings, it’s clear that the RSA Exchange is a big hit with RSA customers like you. And there’s much more to come!


Today, RSA is pleased to announce availability of RSA Exchange Release R5. This release includes a new app-pack, three new tools & utilities, four new integrations, and eight content offerings. Release R5 also includes updates to several existing offerings.


New offerings include: 

  • App-Pack - pre-built applications addressing adjacent or supporting GRC processes (e.g. niche, industry, geo-specific)


  • Tools & Utilities - pre-built functions enabling administrators to more easily manage their RSA Archer implementations




Release R5 also includes updates to existing RSA Exchange offerings and content, including:


  • App-pack: RSA Archer Cybersecurity Framework Management
    • Support for NIST Cybersecurity Framework version 1.1, including informative reference relationships to authoritative sources
    • Track NIST CSF version for cybersecurity assessments
    • Automate cybersecurity assessment scoping based on business process
    • Select multiple functions, categories, or sub-categories for the cybersecurity assessment
    • Analyze capability gaps at the category level
    • Identify business processes with cybersecurity profile gaps
    • Approve cybersecurity profiles user electronic signature capabilities


  • Tool & Utility: Archer Experts Records Retention
    • Export attachments in bulk from applications, questionnaires, and sub-forms
    • Schedule one-time or recurring content exports



Content library packages are available on the RSA Exchange Documentation & Downloads subspace. All offerings are available via the RSA Exchange on RSA Link. We’ve also added a complete list of all RSA Exchange offerings, including implementation guides, demo videos, and installation guides where available.


Be sure to stop by the RSA Exchange demo area at RSA Archer Summit 2018 in Nashville to see the new offerings in action. !f you have ideas for future RSA Exchange offerings, be sure to submit them to RSA Ideas.


See you in Nashville!