Patrick Potter

Ignite Your Business Resiliency Program!

Blog Post created by Patrick Potter Employee on Nov 5, 2018

According to Oxford Metrica, during the next five years, over 80% of companies will face a crisis that negatively impacts their share price by 20% to 30%. Business disruptions from events such as cyber threats, natural disasters or third-party interruptions have the potential to cause serious harm to the organization’s operations, finances and reputation.  In today’s increasingly digital world, 24/7 service delivery requirements are putting greater pressure on business and IT resource availability, making it even more important to have effective continuity plans.


Business continuity, IT disaster recovery and crisis management teams are facing surmounting challenges. From trying to build resilience in increasingly complex businesses, to dealing with more diverse and frequent disruptions, to living in a world with a growing number of regulations, methodologies, maturity models, guidelines and laws that affect their resiliency program requirements. Driving recovery and resiliency in today's organizations isn't getting easier.  


Too often, approaches to continuity and recovery in today's organizations are overly complex and not built on a solid foundation. Manual processes, information silos, separate teams with conflicting priorities, and lack or ownership just complicates things even more.


Join me on November 15 for a webinar to discuss these and other challenges, as well as focus on the basic building blocks of a solid business continuity program. 


You can register here Event Registration and take the first step to ignite your business resiliency program!