Christine Tran

Assemble Third Party Contracts with RSA Archer Contract Clause Management

Blog Post created by Christine Tran Employee on Jan 9, 2019

Managing Third Party contracts can be a daunting task, let alone tracking changes and approval during the negotiation process.  Between your legal department and the third party's legal department, the changes and approvals are horrendous to track and inefficient for all parties involved.  What if you had standardized contract language that was pre-approved by your legal organization?  What if you could use RSA Archer to track the clause changes and the change approvals? 


RSA Archer Contract Clause Management is the solution for you.  We've developed a solution to address small to mid-sized companies who do not need an entire contract management suite to assemble contracts and manage their clauses while tracking changes and approvals.  This app-pack can help you establish standard clauses to utilize in contracts.  It also tracks and manages the development, changes, and approvals of the contract clauses used in your contracts. 

RSA Archer Contract Clause Management Clause Owner Dashboard


With the RSA Archer Contract Clause Management App-Pack, you will have a central repository for storing standard contract clauses and contract clauses that are used in agreements with third parties, have a consistent process for creating and approving the clauses while providing visibility into changes within contracts and clauses.


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