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Inspire Everyone to Own Risk with the RSA Archer Speak Up App-Pack

Blog Post created by Christine Tran Employee on Feb 5, 2019

What would you do if you heard an advertisement on the radio misrepresenting a product your company offered?  I'd like to share a true story and how RSA Archer helped this organization's first line of defense own risk.


Sally was listening to the radio on her drive to work when she heard an advertisement about her company but the information was incorrect and misleading.  When she got to work, she didn't know who to report the information to but knew that if she didn't report it, it could cause huge impacts to their organization.  After approaching several people, she decided to call the IT help desk.  While the IT help desk typically "helps" many, they are typically a little further downstream from the risk evaluation process. After some digging, the IT help desk sent the request to the Risk Management team, who then connected Sally with the third party risk team to address the issue with the third party. 


When our customer approached RSA, we decided to provide a method via RSA Archer that not only addresses the problem but enables your organization to own risk.  But we took it a bit further than just a risk reporting tool. There are often brilliant ideas that could positively impact your organization. There may also be specific issues or incidents that conflict with your organization's corporate policies and procedures and someone within your organization has the knowledge needed to help avert or mitigate those issues early on. 


The RSA Archer Speak Up app-pack provides a mechanism within RSA Archer for the first line of defense to communicate information to your management or risk management team while leveraging workflow to review and approve the information and get it to the right team to take action.


RSA Archer Speak Up allows you to:

  • Submit ideas to improve the business;
  • Report issues to responsible authorities or management team within the organization; and
  • Document concerns regarding potential ethics violations, incidents, breaches, issues with third parties, and more.


With the RSA Archer Speak Up app-pack, your employees are empowered to speak up and own risk.  And, your management team is empowered with accountability and a consistent governance process for addressing risks.


RSA Archer Speak Up Business User Dashboard

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