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Wow, 2019 sure was a great year for RSA Archer customers and the RSA Archer Suite.  It’s mind-blowing to realize how many incredible improvements and new offerings the RSA Archer Engineering and Product Management teams delivered in just 12 months. As we dive into 2020, I thought a look back would be a great way to reflect on everything that we accomplished in 2019 and set the stage for great things to come in 2020.


2019 was a busy year for RSA Archer teams, delivering several releases throughout the year, including new and enhanced use cases, improvements to the performance, scalability, and usability of the RSA Archer Platform, and of course, the new RSA Archer SaaS offering. We also continued to develop our solution ecosystem with the continued addition of RSA Exchange offerings each quarter.


In March, we introduced the new RSA Archer Third Party Security Risk Monitoring use case, which provides organizations visibility, insight, and actionable intelligence into their third and fourth-party IT risk environments.  This new SaaS-based use case discovers and analyzes each third party’s IT footprint using artificial intelligence to automatically measure the value of each asset. This enables analysts to quickly identify each vendor’s specific systems that pose the greatest risk, based on vulnerability severity and asset criticality. Third Party Security Risk Monitoring is available for SaaS, hosted, and on-premise implementations of RSA Archer.


In May, we launched RSA Archer Release 6.6.  This release marked the kickoff of our efforts to make marked improvements to the RSA Archer user experience. These improvements focused on reporting, workflow, and new search capabilities. We also introduced RSA Archer Enterprise Catalog, a new package that aggregates frequently-updated shared applications across multiple use cases to simplify the update process. In addition, updates to the RSA Archer Key Indicator Management use case leverage the new Advanced Workflow rules-based enrollment capability. This allows metrics to be automatically enrolled into a workflow for review when they reach a particular date or threshold.


In September, we introduced the new RSA Archer Regulatory Content Analysis use case. This SaaS-based use case enables compliance analysts to more quickly and efficiently focus on specific areas of regulations that impact the business. It incorporates patent-pending technology and utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to analyze how an organization maps existing regulations to controls. RSA Archer Regulatory Content Analysis is available for SaaS, hosted, and on-premise implementations of RSA Archer.


In October, we launched RSA Archer Release 6.7, delivering even more enhancements to modernize and simplify the user experience with RSA Archer Suite, in support of the growing importance of a cohesive view of risk and compliance at all levels of an organization. This release is the next step in the user experience evolution, providing cleaner, easier-to-use dashboards, and more direct, intuitive navigation. Release 6.7 provides a number of updates for reporting, including enhanced charting for added graphical context, and administration updates for improved functionality. The release also includes updates for RSA Archer Public Sector Solutions, RSA Archer Enterprise & Operational Risk Management, RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management, and RSA Archer Third Party Governance use cases.

In November, we were very excited to announce the availability of our new RSA Archer SaaS offering. RSA Archer customers now have the option to leverage the flexibility, availability, and scalability of the cloud, coupled with the depth and breadth of the RSA Archer Suite, to comprehensively and proactively manage risk. Our SaaS offering enables us to support the changing needs of our customers with greater choice for their implementation of RSA Archer, while continuing to drive innovation in the market.


On a quarterly basis throughout 2019, we introduced new and updated offerings on the RSA Exchange for RSA Archer, including 11 App-Packs, 5 Tools & Utilities, 30 Integrations, and over 23 new and updated content packages. RSA Exchange continues to add new offerings that provide best practices and complement out-of-the-box RSA Archer capabilities.


On the heels of everything we delivered in 2019, 2020 is set to be another exciting year for RSA Archer.


Be sure to mark your calendars for RSA Conference 2020 Feb. 24-28 in San Francisco, California and RSA Charge 2020, Oct. 5-8 in sunny Orlando, Florida. Both of these events are great opportunities to learn more about exciting new RSA Archer solutions and network with your peers and industry experts.


So here’s to a fantastic 2019 and looking forward to all the great things to come in 2020!

Are you doing cool and great things with RSA Archer but are too modest to tell anyone about it?  No need to keep it a secret any longer, come down to the RSA Archer Summit 2018, Aug. 15 -17 in Nashville and tell us all about it!


For the past fifteen years, the RSA Archer Summit has offered attendees a unique opportunity to learn from other RSA Archer customers and users new and innovative ways RSA Archer is being used in organizations to help achieve strategic business initiatives.  The RSA Archer Summit a great venue to share ideas, learn from peers, and develop friendships and business relationships that can help you and your organization excel.


This will be my fifth RSA Archer Summit, and in that time I have spoken to hundreds of customers, all doing amazing things with RSA Archer.  Many whom I have talked to would love to chance to talk about what they are doing with RSA Archer, but are not quite sure how to pull it together into a presentation or which track they should submit their submission to.


If this is you, don’t worry, submitting an idea for a topic, session or roundtable is easy to do!  And if you are not quite sure if your idea for a session is a good one, just ask us.  We can help you craft your idea into a great presentation or roundtable conversation that fellow Archer users will find helpful and informative.  You just have to ask…  We will help you make your session a success and walk you thru every step of the process.  It’s easy, you just need to take the first step.  Send us an email at with your questions or ideas for a topic.  We would be happy to work with you on developing your ideas.


But don’t wait too long to send in your questions or session topics, submissions are due by March 30th, 2018


We have three main topic areas for this yeas RSA Archer Summit to make it easier for you to select the one that best fits your session.  Below is a brief overview of each topic area.  If you need more information on each topic area, make sure and read Steve Schlarman’s blog "Call for Speakers".


Topic Areas:

Business Risk Management

  • Sessions should focus on best practices in enterprise and operational risk management, IT risk management and security, operational risks, third party governance, compliance, business continuity risk or audit.  The audience for this track will be risk, security, compliance, audit and continuity professionals tasked with execution of these processes.

The RSA Archer Journey

  • Sessions should focus approaches, strategies and recommendations for the implementation of your business risk management program from an organizational perspective. The audience for this track will be individuals responsible for overall program execution, strategy, project managers, GRC champions or those tasked with getting a program up and running.

 RSA Archer Technical

  • Sessions should cover beginner to advanced uses of the platform, custom objects, data feeds, on demand applications, integrations, etc.   The audience for this track is RSA Archer administrators, developers, integrators or those tasked with operational support of the RSA Archer platform.


If you are contemplating submitting a session, know that this is a very rewarding experience.  And remember, we are here to help you, so send us your ideas, session and roundtable questions to if you need some guidance.  Presenting at RSA Summit is not as hard as you think and can be a very rewarding experience.


The Submission process is simple:

  1. Download the form.
  2. Fill out the form completely.
  3. Send the form to Include “Speaker Submission” in the subject line.


If you have any questions or issues with the form, contact


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The Call for Speakers ENDS MARCH 30, 2018.  

Selections will be communicated with speakers once the selection committee reviews all submissions.

Even if you aren’t looking to speak, don't forget to REGISTER.  Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville in August!

It sounds almost too good to be true, right?  How can a business create a safer workplace for their employees while at the same time driving down costs?  At first glance these two goals seem completely opposed to each another. 


But if you step back and really think about the potential benefits of achieving both objectives, it quickly becomes apparent that these two goals are directly linked to each other. If a business can reduce the number of workplace related accidents and injuries to their employees, they are better able to lower costs to the business due to the loss of employee productivity, increased healthcare costs as well as fines and penalties imposed by various industry and government regulators.


But how do businesses go about implementing a comprehensive program to effectively identify, monitor and resolve workplace illness and injury events?  Using the new RSA Archer Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) solution is one way businesses have begun to resolve these challenges.  The RSA Archer EHS solution provides a systematic process to enable businesses to create and track recordable events and provides powerful dashboards and reporting tools so that employees and business owners can quickly find the information they need. 


Government regulators like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have stringent reporting guidelines that require business to annually report on their workplace related illnesses and injuries.  Reporting this information in the required OSHA Form 300 format can often be a very time consuming and costly process due to manual processes and the use of spreadsheets often used to track this information.  The RSA Archer EHS solution simplifies the reporting process required by OSHA by enabling business’s to generate OSHA Form 300 formatted reports directly from Archer.


If you would like to learn more about the RSA Archer EHS solution and how it can help make your workplace a safer and more profitable one, make sure you register for the upcoming RSA Archer webcast on Best Practices for Compliance with Environmental Health & Safety Regulations by selecting on link below.


Webcast Title: Best Practices for Compliance with Environmental Health & Safety Regulations

Date and time:   March 20 at 11 am EDT



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