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Based on a recent Govloop Survey, Four Points and RSA have developed this white paper to detail the changing threat landscape that faces our Federal Government and compiled a list of best practices to help your agency automate Disaster Recovery/Continuity Operations Plans


Agencies can no longer afford to rely on manually created, fixed plans. No one can predict when a potential threat will become a real event, but taxpayers, oversight agencies, and legislators will expect fast, comprehensive responses and a quick restoration of services after an interruption. Delivering that level of response requires use of an enterprise grade, automated toolset.


The Archer toolset consists of a cluster of modules covering the elements of COOP – policy, risk, compliance, vulnerability, and enterprise management. You choose the relevant modules and create a customized plan without the need for coding. Plus, creating a complete COOP plan is fast because of Archer’s intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop building.


Read more about COOP best practices in the attached white paper.


GovLoop, in partnership with RSA and Four Points, conducted a survey of 204 public sector professionals exploring how to create an effective Continuity of Operations (COOP) program. The findings from the survey are highlighted in our executive research brief. The research brief provides an overview of COOP in the public sector and specifically highlights:


  • Four common public sector COOP challenges
  • Discussion on manual versus automated COOP functions
  • Highlights six best practices for COOP adoption
  • Explores desired functionality for COOP solutions


The survey also included qualitative data that highlighted the challenges and best practices from our government audience. “The CISO handles policies, but all parts of the Executive Management Team or anyone else for that matter can review the updated plans once they are uploaded to the SharePoint site, or by viewing the hardcopy binder in their area,” said one survey participant. “Automated workflows and approvals ensure a path to a system of record for transactional authorization,” added another.

To read the full report download the PDF

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