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One of the biggest commitments we at RSA make to our customers is to provide best-in-class security products that help manage digital risk.  Our goal is to do so with maximum reliability while also requiring minimum effort on your part.  However, we know, that even best-in-class products occasionally need help to install, use, and maintain them.  While we are continuously focused on improving our support services to ensure that every interaction you, our customers, have with us is positive and quick, we realize that even the best support interaction still requires time and effort on your part.  And what’s more valuable than time?


With that in mind, today I am happy to officially launch our Engineering Request dashboard within the RSA Case Management portal, which will allow you to monitor progress of Engineering Requests (ER) opened on your behalf*.  Not only will you be able to see progress of your ER’s, but you will be able to do so on your own, without the need to call support for an update. 


To access this information, navigate to the RSA Case Management portal by clicking on My Cases in the main menu on RSA Link.    Clicking on the Engineering Requests tab will display Engineering requests that have been opened on your behalf (linked to your support cases) since January 1, 2018.  For each of these, you will be able to see its Status to know when the issue has been addressed, and if a fix is included in a release, you’ll see the release number as well.


Click to enlarge


This is just another small improvement to your support experience.  Stay tuned for the more exciting upcoming changes.


In the meantime, if you have any feedback on this enhancement or other ideas to continue to improve your experience, please share! 


* This functionality is currently only available for the RSA Archer Suite and the RSA NetWitness Platform. Additionally, you will only be able to monitor Engineering Requests that were opened directly on your behalf and are not security issues that could have sensitive information.  We will encourage you to utilize the RSA Ideas portal to manage and monitor Enhancement requests.

Anya Kricsfeld

Launching RSA Ideas

Posted by Anya Kricsfeld Employee Oct 31, 2017

For years RSA has been in business of providing best-in-class security products and services to you, our customers.  I am proud to be surrounded by extremely intelligent and creative coworkers who amaze me with their knowledge, imagination, and ability to make abstract a reality on daily basis.  However, I am even more astounded by the unending well of new ideas I see coming from our customer community every time I interact with or observe an interaction between us and you.  You are the true inspiration and driving force of our innovation.  We build products that solve your problems, we offer services that help you, and everything we do - we do with you and your success in mind.


This is why I am happy to officially introduce you to a new way to harvest and crowdsource our collective ideas together.  This month, we have launched new idea pages on our RSA Link Community:


These destination pages are places for you to show off your creativity and need, to suggest ways that would improve our offerings to help you be more successful.  It is also the place where you can collaborate on your ideas with other like-minded individuals and vote on ideas suggested by others.


We have a great customer community, let’s harness its creative power to see what we can come up with together.


For more information, please check out the following FAQs:




Next week, on October 5th, many companies and professionals all over the world will be celebrating CX Day – a day set aside to focus and celebrate customer experience created by companies and their people and processes.  It is an important day, and we at Dell, RSA, and Archer will definitely take part in festivities planned to mark such occasion.  We will take the time to review all the things we do well, recognize individuals in our company who exemplify the right attitude and approach at taking care of our customers, and talk about the plans we have to kick our customers’ experience to an even higher level.


But…. anyone can do that.


What makes this day authentic here at Archer, is that you, our customers, are the central point of all of our activities, not just on CX day, but every day and at every part of our journey together.


I wrote in my previous blog about the formation of the Total Customer Experience (TCE) forum to focus even more on the experience we provide to you.  With the renewed and a more focused effort through this forum, I am happy to see improvements already in several aspects of our business that result in a better experience.  Here are a few to mention:

  • Faster time to relief – through the combined efforts of Customer Support team and Engineering, we have seen measurable improvements in time to relief on support issues opened by our customers. We have focused on better technical training for the teams, improved communication methods, and closer collaboration with engineering.  I hope you have noticed the improvements.
  • Improved availability of resources – with the increased focus on providing more resources to enable you, our customers, we have been able to more than double ourKnowledge Base. In addition to all articles now being accessible from our Community, the most frequently used KB’s are easily seen on the main page.  And, they are now easier than ever to find – you can Google them.  Give it a try.
  • Closer collaboration with the GRC Community – from Champions Network to a plethora of Working Groups, to Roadmap review meetings, staying connected with both Archer Product direction and the GRC community has never been easier. Get involved if you haven’t yet.


In addition to this, we have work going on in a lot of other areas, such as:

  • Improving our billing process 
  • Refining our licensing and entitlement process
  • Accelerating our ability to provide resolution to both support and product issues


So, as we approach CX Day, and I reflect on what this means to me, two thoughts come to mind.  First, thank you for being our customers – our biggest advocates, and our firmest drivers for change and improvement.  Without you, there’d be no C in the CX day.  And second, I am so excited to be part of a team who not only provides a great product, but realizes that without a great experience to go along with it, we would never succeed.  I am excited to continue in our journey together and can’t wait to achiever bigger and better results.


Thank you and happy CX Day to all!


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Anya.  And, I have been part of the Archer team for almost 10 years.  Not only that, but I have also spent all of these 10 years being part of Archer support in various capacities.  Tenure like that is almost unheard of in this day and age, and some may think that I am a relic in my thinking, but I will tell you why I have done it.


My background was not in service.  Yet, when I joined the Archer team and began my journey in support, I was amazed at the focus the company put on customers and their satisfaction.  Of course, in support we focus on solving technical problems, but I believe it goes much further than that.  We, as a business, have always focused on making our customers successful.  And, that was always at the core of what we were doing.


For me, that has struck something that I have not been able to shake off or get bored with for this long of a time.  And, while that has always been the fabric of our being here, it has taken on a renewed life as we have formed a Total Customer Experience (TCE) forum to ensure that we don’t only preserve this approach, but instill it as a culture to each and every person who walks through our doors.


Focusing on customer experience is not limited to a particular team.  Of course our Professional Service teams try to ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized when planning and building out a project; of course our support engineers focus on solving the problems so that customers are more successful.  But customer experience begins before the first call to a vendor is made and is present throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.  It involves everything from our community and marketing materials, to our admin who is greeting people at the door of our office buildings. 


As part of our TCE forum, we are focusing on every interaction we have with our customers and examining all of our processes.  We are working to ensure that we are operating with customers’ goals and experience in mind.  As with anything, there are some quick wins and short term opportunities, but there are also big things to work on over time.  This is definitely a journey.  But, my hope is, that it is a journey that we all take together and through it become even better partners and advocates of each other.


It has been my focus to ensure that we in support do everything possible to make our customers successful for almost 10 years now.  And now, I am so excited to spread that focus to the whole team.  If you have any thoughts or ideas to share about your experience (good or bad), opportunities for our focus, or ideas to consider – please do. 


Thank you!


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