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Have you heard that RSA is extending support for BSAFE products? This is now official and has been posted as a Product Advisory at RSA announces support extension for some of the BSAFE® product suite  


What this means is that if you haven't made the switch to an alternate FIPS-validated crypto module now is the time to benefit from a bit more time to migrate while staying secure. All we ask is that you are on the most recent version of CCME, MES, Crypto-J, SSL-J or Cert-J.


Why? Because security is not stagnant. Cryptography evolves. Algorithms considered secure today may not be secure tomorrow. If you are security-conscious, you always keep your own devices up-to-date. You press that "Update Now" button because as a user you know the updated version of your app or your operating system will be a bit better. A bit more stable. A bit more secure. A bit faster. All this makes sense as you trust the app vendor and your operating system vendor.


If you are one of those mobile app, OS or product vendors that incorporates a cryptographic module in your code, there is no "Update Now" button. But you should still "update now" any time this is possible for the same reasons you update your devices. A bit better. A bit more stable. A bit more secure. A bit faster. To that I will also add that most recent versions of our BSAFE product suite support most recent Operating Systems, JDK, compilers, etc. We are also adding new algorithms as RSA, Dell EMC and Dell Technologies will continue investing in BSAFE to keep our products secure when used. The new algorithms we are adding into BSAFE may eventually end up in public releases between now and January 2022 so you, as customers, can also benefit from them.



RSA BSAFE Product Manager