• Latest news about RSA BSAFE toolkits

    It has been more than a year since I announced that RSA is extending support for its BSAFE toolkits. See my previous post here.    RSA is actively addressing issues and adding new algorithm support, from ad...
  • BSAFE Crypto-C 6.4 library download

    Hi,     Are the libraries for BSAFE Crypto-C available for download?
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  • RSA BSAFE® Product Versions

    Click on a link below to visit the page for each product version. Cert-J | Crypto-C  | Crypto-J  | SSL-C  | SSL-J  | Micro Edition | Crypto-C Micro Edition   Cert-J RSA BSAFE Cert-J ...
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  • Does Crypto-J use Open SSL?

    Good Morning! I was asked if Crypto-J Version: FIPS 140-2 uses Open SSL. Please let me know, thanks.   - Jagdish
    Jagdish Kumar
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  • "java.lang.Error: Problem Loading Module.4" from "com.rsa.crypto.CryptoException: FIPS 140 Module Health Invalid" on JsafeJCE constructor

    Crypto-J 6.2.4 SLES 12SP2 w/ latest LTSS updates (as of 3/27/2019) openjdk 1.8.0_191   I work on a spring-boot based product that's been using Crypto-J 6.2.4 for awhile now, initializing it via this code ...
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  • Recently Published Knowledge Base Articles for RSA BSAFE®

    Date Range:  Sunday, January 20th -- Saturday, January 26th   Article Title Author Last Published Date 000036967 - RSA BSAFE SSL-J v6.2.4 False Positive Security Vulnerabilities Donald Leblanc 23 J...
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  • R_SSL_version call dumping...

    Hi,   We use BSAFE libraries to achieve FIPS compliance for our product. We are getting a crash in one of the BSAFE calls (R_SSL_version) in one of our customer site. It occurred few times. At the same time, thi...
  • sslj jar session leak

    We are using sslj.jar as our ssl security context provider. After every few days we see our application crashes with out of memory exception. when we analyse the heap dump we see that some of the ssl session are ...
    Sridhar Errabelli
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  • PBE algorithm deprecation question

    I need to know which Password-based Encryption (PBE) algorithms have been deprecated between BSAFE MES 4.0.8 and 4.0.10.   For the Unity product, I am upgrading the BSAFE MES used with KTP from 4.0.8 to 4.0.10. ...
    gerald jones
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  • AD Users are not able to login to Server using Special French Characters in their Password

    We are using RSA BSAFE CryptoJ 6.2 library and identified that AD Users are not able to login to Server using Special French Characters in their Password. After analysis we identified it as a defect in CryptoJ 6...
    Nitin Virulklar
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  • Have you heard that RSA is extending support for BSAFE?

    Have you heard that RSA is extending support for BSAFE products? This is now official and has been posted as a Product Advisory at RSA announces support extension for some of the BSAFE® product suite   ...
  • how can i build share adapter library?

    I'm building an old project on linux, requiring libshare_adapter.so. How can I build it?
    Hideaki Kokubu
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  • where to download the latest jsafeJCEFIPS.jar

    we have been using jsafeJCEFIPS.jar from java 1.5 but we have upgraded the 1.7 and its been working except latest update which found "jsafeJCEFIPS.jar has unsigned entries - com/rsa/jsafe/asn1/ASN1.class" I...
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  • Which versions of the BSafe library use AES instructions on Intel chips?

    The RSA BSAFE® Crypto-C Micro Edition 4.1 Release Notes say that library uses AES instructions on Intel's Westmere chip. Do any other versions of BSafe use AES instructions on any Intel chips? (Not just the ...
    Richard Sposato
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  • BSAFE community jars: where can I find them?

    I know that there was an end-of-life announcement, but can I get the latest version of shareCrypto, shareTLS and utility jars? I inherited a project that uses them and I couldn't find any newer versions of the ones th...
    Sam El
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  • Hello Does RSA provides SW library for RSA 2048 and SHA1 for HMAC ?

    Looking for Software Library for RSA 2048 and SHA1 for HMAC .
    shambhu Nath
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  • How to add OtherName in the SubjectAlternativeName in CryptoJ 6

    I would like to know the correct way add the OtherName in the SubjectAlternativeName as extensions to the template object below . Also how to extract the other name from subject alternate name using CryptoJ 6.0  ...
  • Slow performance of BSAFE MES on Power Linux

    We have been using BSAFE MES 4.1.4 for building CST lockbox libraries on Power Linux.   Now, we are seeing considerable performance issues compared to regular Linux. The lockbox operations (create, open, access)...
    Ali Razib
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  • Docs for BSAFE Cert-C 2.9

    Hi I am looking for BSAFE Cert-C 2.9 Documentation , I need a list of supported signing algorithms in 2.9 release. 
  • Missing library files

    We are having issues building after upgrading from Crypto-C to BSAFE MES 4.1.5. Our code base includes the librarian.h header which is no longer in the new package. We also pass in the define flag "CRYPTOC_ME"...