• Similar Certifications

    Do you have a list of third party certifications that your RSA certifications might be similar to ? Or do you only have certs for your specific products?
    Robert Byrd
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  • Sub CA Not Found

    Dear,   I am aware that this product is EOL. We have plans to replace in next two or three months.   But this issue come up in last few days (after 31.12.2018.). I am not able to see newly installed endpoi...
    Milos Popovic
    created by Milos Popovic
  • Recently Published Knowledge Base Articles for RSA® Data Loss Prevention

    Date Range:  Sunday, June 24th -- Saturday, June 30th   Article Title Author Last Published Date 000036499 - How can I request a new knowledge base article on RSA Link? Jeff Shurtliff 30 Jun 2018 000033...
    RSA Link Team
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  • global print and export setting

    Hi, I need to change the export format for the reports in our Archer application to .xlsx from .xls. I have updated the default template in "Global print and export settings", however, the report exported in Exc...
    Shaveta Sharma
    created by Shaveta Sharma
  • MS Windows 1703 and DLP Endpoint Agent

    It seems that the endpoint agent is not scanning data moved to USB or Printing. Have other issues like this been reported and if so is there a fix available?   We are planning on rolling out the 1703 vers...
    Jerry DeSanto
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  • RSA Agent - Failed to inject syringe

    Receiving this specifically with RSA agent 9.6.1300.67 on Windows 10 Enterprise Addition Tablet or Surface type models.  Works fine with other machines.  Does anyone know a work around?   Thanks,
    Imran Pirzada
    created by Imran Pirzada
  • RSA 9.6.1 EM Installation

    Installing RSA DLP 9.6.1 Enterprise Manager, but receiving the following error although i have these packages installed.   "Your local system requires the following prerequisite software to proceed with installa...
    Imran Pirzada
    created by Imran Pirzada
  • request extended support for RSA/DLP

    We have RSA/DLP ver. 9.6, how do i get extended support for this product?
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  • DLP 9.6.3 saving a Blocked PDF Crashes System

    I noticed that when doing a Save As for a PDF that would be blocked according to my policy, the document is blocked (good) but the Adobe system crashes causeing whatever changes the user was making to the documen...
    Jerry DeSanto
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  • Multiple DLP Syslog Servers

    Multiple Syslog server support to multiple Servers off of the DLP9.6.3 UI Console? How does one do this. When I attempt  to put in multiple addresses using different syntax UI doe not accept.
  • Forwarding RSA DLP Incidents to NetWitness or Archer

    Is there any official solution to send RSA DLP events and/or incidents to NetWitness or Archer ? In Archer I can import reports or connect to the database (with a data-feed), but that would be more a "home made" solut...
    Anibal Giacomini
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  • DLP prevent Netshare file

    i have weird behavior , i try to take copy for several files and paste it in shared folder , half of files are transferred with zero size , i try to stop DLP agent , files transferred successfully. what is the reason...
    Doaa Fathy
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  • SNMP Config on DLP Machines

    Hi All,   At our organization we are planning of bringing in the EMC SMARTS (Previously ionix) network monitoring tool.  I would like to know how to configure the SNMP V2 or V3 for DLP machines. Is there an...
    Hashik Mohammad
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  • DLP Network Controller Certificate Expired

    Hi team, My dlp network controller's certificate will expired in next week. Can You provide me the procedure to regenerate certificate. My DLP system include: 1 network controller 4 network interceptor 4 network ...
    SG Tech
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  • DLP SIEM logging

    the DLP Datacenter worker servers are still syslogging to my old SIEM. I have made the global SIEM configuration change to the new IP but im not sure how to configure the worker servers to log to the correct new SIEM...
    Matty Farrington
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  • DLP SP2 to SP3 upgrade

    The application is set-up on Windows 2008 SP2 server. Is it advisable to upgrade to SP3?
    Jatin Gogia
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  • Windows 10

    Will DLP endpoint be supported on Windows 10 in a future update?  If so, is there a timeline for when that update might be released?   Thanks,   Leigh
    Leigh MArts
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  • Digital certificate tool replacement

    What tool is RSA going to provide to replace the Certificate & Registration manager software that is ending this year? Will it be available to customers for free that have already purchased licenses for the c...
    Scott Stombaugh
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  • In what format is evidence stored on the EM?

    I'm asking about the  data stored in RSA\matched-content\year\month\day\hour directory.
    Mike Buckley
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  • RSA Data Loss Prevention Product Versions

    Click on a link below to visit the page for each product version.   RSA Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Suite 9.6 Documentation         Download Data Loss Prevention Suit...
    RSA Link Team
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