Pooja Kapoor

FRIday Tech Huddles

Blog Post created by Pooja Kapoor Employee on Sep 7, 2018

The FRIday Tech Huddles are coming! The FRIday Tech Huddles are coming!


It is finally here….the RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence (FRI) team is proud to present a series of Tech Huddles.

What’s a FRIday Tech Huddle? These are a series of webinars on various operational and maintenance focused topics that are provided free of charge to our customers.


Who can attend? Any FRI customer registered on RSA LINK (https://community.rsa.com) can attend these Webinars. All you have to do is login and voila!


When does it start? On 11 AM ET, September 14, 2018, RSA Adaptive Authentication Customer Support will present the first of its technical Free FRIday Tech Huddle (FFTH).


What is it about?  The FRIday Tech Huddle are live knowledge sharing sessions covering various features of different products in the FRI Suite. Hands-on biweekly webinars will be hosted by our extraordinary team of highly qualified Customer Support Technical Engineers and will also include troubleshooting steps for several common issues.


How does it help? Long journeys involve travelling time and expense, but our webinars will eliminate the need to travel and bring the Product knowledge at your doorstep via your laptop screen. Our webinars will take you on a journey to the world of fraud prevention.


How to find us? You can find the schedule on https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-96365 . If you or your team miss any of our FRIday Tech Huddle you will be able to find the replay on https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-96366