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Mekala Subramanian
Can we have for RSA Identity & Governance Lifecycle Product as this...
Sandip Patel
Ours is a software appliance and it is a basic upgrade situation. We are upgrading to 7.1.1 on the same server on which 7.0.2 version was deployed. I am following the document - "Upgrade and Migration Guide 7.1.1" for upgrading from 7.0.2 to 7.1.1.   I believe running the (page 33) upgrades the software and does the migration as well.… (Show more)
Shanti Deepak
Hi,   In the request access form I want to achieve a conditional select of items in a drop down select on the basis of some value selected in the another drop down select control type. How can we achieve this? Please help.   What I have already tried: Applying Display Condition on the Drop Down Select but it only allows to show or hide… (Show more)
Gokhan Gur
Hello,   Please consider the following scenario and let me know if there is any solution for that   1- "User A" has "Account X" on "Target System 1" 2- "Account X" has "AppRole-Y" on "Target System 1"   3-Then, "User A" is added to a business role which contains "AppRole-Y" on "Target System 1" as well.  4-"User A" is later removed from… (Show more)
William May
If I have multiple rules that I need to run after unification (Rule definition contains: Triggered  :  Run after identity unification), but I need them to run in a specific order, is there a way to define this, or does anyone know how the system chooses which to run first (Rule ID in ascending sequence or anything like that?)   Thanks, Bill… (Show more)
Steve Fuson
I'm trying to create a SQL Select query which gathers data from the database outside of what's available in dual in an approval workflow.  For instance, we have two applications where a user must already have an account with a specific role in application A before they can have an account in application B.  I want the approval workflow to check… (Show more)
Tejashree Patil
Is ServiceNow's version Madrid compatible with RSA Lifecycle and Governance 7.1.0 patch 1 in order to integrate?
Clive Morrish
Click to view contentHi,   I have the following requirement that I'm struggling to configured within IG&L.   Customer has the concept of Agents and Agency Staff.    Agency Staff are identified by the Employee Type Agents are identified by the Employee Type and any named Supervisors. For example Tracy, Steven and Richard are all treated as agents     These need… (Show more)
Ricardo Enrique Perez Andrade
Hi, We are provisioning accounts in AD using the AFX native connector. We are able to create the accounts with no issues, but the customer wants to set the "User cannot change password" option on these accounts. We tried the solution mentioned in this post 000032426 - How to update the LDAP Active Directory Connector UserAccountConrol attribute… (Show more)
Shlomo Katz
Version 7.1.1 P1 I have a role that grants the HelpDesk the ability to make requests for anybody in the company. Currently I have the  AVEKSA: Access Request Administrator as the entitlement. However, this give them the ability to approve the request as well.   Question: What is the best way to grant them the ability to make requests but not… (Show more)
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