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Jacques Adankon
Hello,   I'm trying to configure the Generic REST Connector on RSA IG&L 7.1.1 to implement a provisioning to Wallix endpoint. When I run the test suite for the "login" capability, I get the error below.   Do you know how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your help.   Login Total number of processing errors = 1 Iteration 0… (Show more)
Bas Rozemond
When updating an email in an email node I can select some text and select a font from the drop down box, but it seems the change is not saved.  I can change the font in the HTML, but this code is quite messy. And of course not the way to do it.   Is this a familiar problem? I can't find any related topic.
Robert Kowalczyk
Hi,   I migrated from version 7.2.0 Patch 1 to version 7.2.1. Application update was successful, but I have a problem with the database migration. During the migration, I got an error that comes from the script ...WEB-INF/database/updates/7.2/ACM-106233.sql.   The error is:   Error Msg = ORA-64464: XML event error ORA-19202: Error occurred in… (Show more)
Daniela Nicolai
Click to view contentHi, I wanted to send an email to members of a role. While creating the email node I have seen that it is possible to use a variable which contains the name of the role. When I configure this I was expecting that the email is send to the members of the role, but this is not the case. Does anyone know how this needs to be configured? ROLEMAIL… (Show more)
Muzammil K
Hi fellow experts, Hope everyone is doing well and healthy.   We are upgrading from 7.1.1 P01 to 7.2.1 Patch 1. Just wanted to check if there are any concerns or known issues we should be aware of before upgrading.   Any pointers or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.   Regards, Muzammil.
L .
Hello Team,   We have few roles in which membership rule is specified. Is there any way we can disable membership rule edit option for Role owners.
Armel Lupapi
I need to build a report showing the date on which an application and/or its collectors where deleted. Can anyone help me? The database and tables/views  available don't have that level of information.
Armel Lupapi
Hi,   Does the "application coverage" in the user access performs statistics based on a snapshot at the time of the review generation or does it perform stats based on the current state of the collection?
John Alongi
We are trying to create a workflow to provision a requested group and after a 24 hour delay, remove that same group automatically as part of the same workflow. We've tried several routes within the workflow to set the Provisioning Command to remove a group from the source (and have set the account and group variables) but nothing we have tried has… (Show more)
Christopher Smith
Hello,   Issue with CSV IDC collector where the collection fails seemingly randomly.   The admin error in the UI is:  EC[81006] Context[RunID=1539425, IDC(Name=Workday CSV, ID=1568)] Message[Generation of user data file failed]   The admin error for the Aborted parts of the screenshot are as follows: [Identity data processing task aborted due… (Show more)
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