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Devika Sunil
I've created an AD authentication source, but it doesn't work and gets locked out after a few login attempts by different accounts. The end user accounts themselves don't get locked. The bind account password is correct and the same account is used for account & group collection.   What is the exact privilege that the AD account needs for… (Show more)
Lena Nilsson
In the Aveksa 7.0.2 you as a reviewer could use bulk action for large amounts of mantains or revokes. In version 7.1 you can use the "Maintain" button with "Unchanged items". But except for that button, you can not revoke (or maintain) a larger amount of items in any other way than page by page. I have noticed that you can mark items page by page… (Show more)
Armel Lupapi
Click to view contentHi good people,   This is not about a tech related item but rather a common topic in our industry...   Have you guys seen the this year’s magic quadrant from Gartner? True that this shouldn’t be taken for gospel but our vendor doesn’t seem to get better recognition as they haven’t been included at all this time.   Unsure what is the cause of… (Show more)
Sirisha Bomma
I am trying to utilize the Rest connector to use the Azure Graph API (to manipulate cloud native accounts). Are there any samples/ documentation specific to IGL to do the same. Best practices and recommended approach would be helpful.
Lena Nilsson
In the old version 7.0.2 there was a feature (very much appreciated) where the reviewer could send mail from within the Aveksa product to users in the review. We can not find the same in version 7.1.   Is that something that no longer exists? Or have we not been able to find that feature?    I attach a copy of what it looks like in 7.0.2.
Devika Sunil
After rebuilding avuser schema (000028204 - How to remove all user data stored in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application database  steps followed), I'm unable to login to the GUI. It keeps giving me authentication error. I have tried both default password (<redacted>) and the password I was using prior to the activity. I also… (Show more)
Chris Pope
Click to view contentAfter running the Account Access and Ownership Review, the Review Results are showing "There are no entitlements in this account" when the Review Items are expanded.  However, the "Reviewed Items Summary" and "All Reviewed Items" column all indicate that there are Entitlements that have been reviewed.   Also, clicking on the Account and… (Show more)
Jesvin Joseph
Hi,   Has anyone setup AFX connector to create user profiles in Sharepoint.?   We are looking for guidelines on how to setup the same, which can be used to create and update user profile data in Sharepoint based on the HR source.
Markus Calmius
Is there any way to delete duplicate users? Or merge them.   I have seen the Idea: Add ability to reconcile duplicate users - Causing problems    Which I guess is an answer, but it would be really good if there was a way to delete them. Yes, I know it defeats the purpose of an governance product, but not all installations are in an production… (Show more)
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