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Maninder Bhamrah
I have multiple open CRs which did not close out due to certain technical issues, but while we search for the root cause, we need to close the CRs. Should I proceed with the closure of CRs or check on closing the open watches as well. Kindly let me know what efficiency watches provide over closing CR, and whether closing of CRs will work prefectly.… (Show more)
Denise Sposato
Summary Organizations are escalating their efforts to move consumers to digital channels in response to the global need to minimize branch and face-to-face activity. But as transaction volumes in digital channels kicks up, so does the risk of fraud and cybercrime. In this webinar, RSA fraud experts will provide you with:   An overview of the fraud… (Show more)
Tom Kelly
I’ve been trying to simplify a leaver process and cutdown on the amount of workflow customizations that we use, to this end I’ve been testing the termination rule to handle removing any AD groups assigned to the leavers prior to deleting the accounts.   This is a required step in our leaver process in case there are any errors in the HR feed or… (Show more)
Sean Miller
Click to view contentIn the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.2 release, we have introduced a new component that can be used on dashboards to display a single value "fact".  Dashboard Facts are a convenient way to provide high level information on a dashboard with click through support to dive into the details.  Combined with other dashboard components you can… (Show more)
Andy Cheek
We have email approval enabled for pretty much all our different approval scenarios but, inevitably, some people do not complete their tasks by the due date … so we have typical escalations setup, i.e. now overdue please approve, STILL overdue please approve NOW, OVERDUE - APPROVE OR REQUEST WILL BE CANCELLED. That sort of thing.   The trouble is… (Show more)
Padmalochan Mohanty
We have an application which collects entitlements from database and groups specific Active directory groups . The application accounts are collected from account collector where source type is database. Account id is same value as samAccountName . So setting up samAccountName as Account ID. While collecting AD group membership, members are having… (Show more)
Shlomo Katz
I would like to create a Dashboard to list all the available forms available. I see there are options to show external JSP pages, external sites, etc. What would be the correct option and format to present a G&L Form in a dashboard?   Additionally and I am asking again,  if I had a user token in the URL already, what is the correct format to… (Show more)
Shlomo Katz
Hello We import our HR file via CSV using the com.hxtt.sql.text.TextDriver and JDBC//CSV connection. There is are two data columns called "StartDate".and "Status" One status Pre-Start can be listed weeks in advance of the actual start date. We do not collect on this so the account will not be created before they start.   However, now I have a… (Show more)
Jan Radocha
Are there any plans to release future versions of IGL as docker container? 
Åsa Berg
Click to view contentThe picture is shown how it looks like when I have clicked to see the review details. So how do I adjust for so the complete text is shown for the Business Source? How do I adjust how the comment section will be shown for the reviewers? And how can I do this so it will be applied for all users?
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