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Keshav Kumar
Hello , Is there anyway in RSA IGL to limit the number of Change Requests that will get generated by a Rule? For Example if we have a Rule which checks the condition "whenever a New User is found" with an Action "Generate CR", Can we limit the Number of Change Requests that can potentially be generated if the Rule's Condition is satisfied?
Keshav Kumar
Hello All, We have a Requirement for Configuration of SSO with a Client's Azure Directory. But our team who builds it works from another Domain, and since after SSO Configuration our RSA Url even though suffixed with SSOLogin=False, will accept only AveksaAdmin Login since it is the only Local Account present in RSA IGL. Hence none of us are… (Show more)
Boleslaw Mynarski
As the subject of the question indicates, it is related to recent announcement by Google that they will be changing behavior in their Chrome browser in relation to cross-site cookie handling.  This change will be coming in their v80 release in February of 2020.  Providing that recently we were hit with another nasty change to their browser which… (Show more)
Rahul Katariya
Is there an easy way to see the users or accounts that are assigned a certain entitlement or app role? With groups we can look at group members to determine this, but is there way to view the same for entitlements and app roles?
Muzammil K
During review, one of the reviewer had this issue where he/she couldn't perform bulk review. Is there a limit for max items for bulk? and what is the limit?
Prasanth Pemmasani
Hello Team,   We would like to know what is the recommended session life time for Session Type: EAP32 Session Lifetime from RSA and also is there any Hardening Guide available in RSA.     Thanks & Regards, Prasanth Pemmasani
Muneendra Sriram
Hello All,   I have a requirement where I need to create Snow request using SOAP Web Service node with an attachment.I have a job variable and it has CR Items details and I need to send those details to the Snow attachment.   Could you please let me know how can we achieve this use case.
Neha Singh
Hi, The scenario is: I am trying to setup a LDAP connection where the user data is like - User  Role John  Role1, Role2, Role3 Bob   Role2, Role3   So, basically it becomes a multi-valued attribute and the results are not as expected in the test.I am able to get the first value from the role column and rest are rejected. I have so many… (Show more)
Lena Nilsson
We are in the process of upgrading from our current version 7.0.2 to 7.1 or possibly 7.2. Right now we have installed 7.1.1 P02 in a test environment to be able to test the functionality before installing in our production environment.  We now have some questions: The ability for a reviewer to send email to the users in a review, is it… (Show more)
Madhumitha Raghavan
Hi All. We are looking for best ways to backup APP and DB servers prior to upgrade from 7.0.2 to 7.1.0. We use remote DB. 
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