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Subahan Pathan
AFX server automatically starts and stops automatically several times in a day with fraction of seconds, has anyone seen such issues in the past ? is this a know issue ?Jamie Pryer    current version P07
Rajkiran Paul
How can we create  manual activity list report with the below column for last 30 days .   Activity Id Task Change Request User ID Department Branch Name State Request type Completed Date Application Name Activity State      I am working on the  below query but this is not giving proper data on report.     select… (Show more)
Amit Dewangan
I am trying to collect SAP HR data using the BAAP interface via a generic Rest API collector. It is working fine using the local agent serer but getting the following error when we use a remote agent server.    eksa.client.datacollector.collectors.accountdatacollectors.AccountDataCollector@6d502b22 07/09/2020 07:20:36.820 INFO… (Show more)
Eliran Goary
Hello Guys, I created a new JSP. I would like to create links in JSP to forms that exists in the IDM When I will click on the icon in JSP it should give a direct form.   How Do I do it? Do I need to create another JSP? Do you have any example for that?   Thanks, Eliran.   custom jspform
Mark Deaton
We are converting to the new Review Interface.  To duplicate the Legacy Review process, where our Security Team performed the review and made 'Revoke/Maintain Recommendations' before the Supervisor/Owner performed their review, we've created Multi-Step Reviews.  That process is working just fine and we're able to add our Comments to the… (Show more)
Chinmay Nanavati
Click to view contentRSA Identity and Governance Release 7.1 introduced a new interface for user access reviews, to provide a better user experience and improve efficiency in performing reviews with help of analytics-based prioritization and identification of high risk access and violations.   To continue enhancing the enriched user experience, the Display Views… (Show more)
Mark Deaton
I have a 2 Part User Access Review where Part-1 was Complete and Part-2 was Active and the Supervisor was in the process of working the Review.  He said he'd worked on it some this morning but when he attempted to continue working on it this afternoon, he couldn't because the review was "On Hold".   I ran an Audit Report and can see where I had… (Show more)
Denise Sposato
Welcome to Digiville, the bustling city where risk and security leaders come together to manage digital risk and enable business transformation. In this episode of “Good Morning Digiville,” RSA Portfolio Strategist Steve Schlarman will take you on a subway tour of Digiville’s Compliance neighborhood. There, he’ll meet up with RSA Risk Strategist… (Show more)
Devika Sunil
What is the exact privilege that the AD account needs for auto-fulfillment: Account Creation Account Deletion Account Disable Add account to group Account lock & unlock Account password reset   The client has requested privileges recommendation from RSA. They don't want to give the service account domain admin privileges and want granular… (Show more)
Pankaj Rana
Hello All,   Could anyone please confirm the steps I need to follow to install software bundle (wildfly clustering) with customer supplied database (DB clustering) scenario. (No of server, Application - 4, DB - 2)   Out of 4 application servers, I will be using 1 for AFX independently and rest 3 for Wildfly/Aveksa Application.    1. Configure… (Show more)
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