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Announcement 1 RSA Announces the Availability of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1.1 Service Pack Release
Announcement 2 RSA Reminder - End of Product Support (EOPS) Date for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.xAnnouncement 3 RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle, Newsletter, April 2019, Issue #2Announcement count
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Steve Alexandre
Hello,   I'm trying to query the database with a custom request workflow after using a custom form, but I can't have the result expected.   Here the informations : AVUSER contains a custom table with data which he's called ENT_TEST and have one column called USERID We have create a custom global form with one field to set which is login We… (Show more)
Emre Guloglu
Hi all,   Just upgraded to 7.1.1 and eventhough WF_QUEUE_DEPTH_DURATION_WARNING is set to 7500, admin errors keep coming. The message is below and it says 0 ms. So, I do not think that is a problem.  OK: Monitor[jobq#Normal] has taken 0 ms to process an item.   What should I do to avoid these admin errors? Any help would be appreciated.
Momin Shaik
Hi, we are trying to update the Date custom attribute via the webserivce from the workflow. we are able to see error 500 in AFX DB entries. Could you please let us know if any one have tried the same earlier?
Emre Guloglu
Click to view contentHi all,   I've faced with an issue on change requests. Eventhough all items in cr are completed and reflected to target system, the cr does not yield to completed state. Going to demonstrate with an example:   Product Version: 7.0.2 P06   Change request seems it's on Fulfillment Phase But overall status of cr is %100 and there is no item… (Show more)
Stephen Mowll
Our 7.1.1 release continues to build on many of areas of improvement we have made across the 7.x releases including enhancing the user experience, delivering analytics to make informed decisions, and reducing the complexity of Identity Governance and Administration. As we look at our recent releases we have provided innovations such as the… (Show more)
Christopher Smith
Hello,   We currently have an SQL database which serves as our Identity source for the Work_Phone attribute.  We use an Identity collector with an SQL driver to collect the "Phone" column from our database, and populate our Identity record with the phone number.   For some reason when we collect, certain phone numbers are appended with [NEW… (Show more)
Sean Miller
Click to view contentWe have all been driving our car and at some point a light comes on the dashboard.  Sometimes it is a simple orange light like the windshield fluid.  We should top that up but I can keep driving without harm likely (unless I can no longer see the road).  The dashboard might similarly show me an orange check engine light.  This usually means you… (Show more)
Bas Rozemond
I have one single access request for one user and two applications. Both applications have mandatory submission fields. It seems only for the first application the system checks if all fields have been entered.    Is this a bug or a setting? 
William May
Is anyone familiar with the Workflow Problem Detection feature? I've pasted the help info below, but I'm not clear on what to consider when picking the maximum workflow transition time. Should this account for the longest delay nodes and max amount of time I would expect something to verify, or is it only looking at nodes that are "trying" to… (Show more)
Andy Cheek
The help for User Attribute Change rules states that we can set a managed attribute but gives NO indication or real examples of how you can set the attribute to a non-literal value, e.g. run date.   It says ... For example, assume the following: The condition for an attribute change rule detects changes in the departments to which users belong.… (Show more)
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