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Dan Murphy
Our current process loads nearly 1 million identities every day.  Lets call that the full collector. I want to change that process to Sunday (only) and add a new identity collector that collects only a subset of that data (about 200,000). The source system will handle generating the subset of data. Lets call that the delta collector My concern… (Show more)
Steve Alexandre
Hello,   There is a way to create a custom form to let our helpdesk create themself some identities ?
Durga Revanth T
HI , I am using a user account picker field in request form and i want to store the selected account in other field but its not working and let me how can we achieve this    may be Form level validation ? or any other approach to store the selected account    if  i use java script i can able to do that in console but i have to know how it can… (Show more)
Durga Revanth T
Hi ,   I want to display the entitlement based on the account selection in the request form.   Use Case: User has Entitlement "A" and Entitlement "A" mapped to Account "D121321", But user has multiple account for the above application ,in that case if i want to assign the entitlement "A" to another account "DERR1"of this application ,but in… (Show more)
Volodymyr Melnyk
Dears,   We faced with an issue that there is no field(attribute) Application Name taken as attribute of AD group in approvals. As a result an approver sees only Active directory group name and user details in the table with actions. As an application name only a Datasource name of a directory is available. Of course it is possible to click on… (Show more)
Paulo Paraiso
Is it possible to have IG&L to NOT grant any apps roles raised earlier until day 1 of joining of a new joiner? Even if requester requested earlier (days prior start date of new joiner)? This is so that all roles that have been requested on earlier date will apply only on the start date of the user. This is to minimize the risk of account being… (Show more)
Denise Sposato
RSA CHARGE 2019 CALL FOR SPEAKERS OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS It's official - time to get your creative juices flowing as the RSA Charge 2019 'Call for Speakers' (C4S) is now open and awaiting your submissions!   As you are aware, the RSA Charge events represent all RSA products and an increasing number of customers across solutions attend this… (Show more)
Manikandan Raju
Hi,   User Access review is running for more than 10 hours, we have given all the conditions and options correctly, but it is running for long hours. Could you please suggest any idea why it is running for long?
Sandip Patel
We have a Fine Grained Role Definition review where we only intend to review the Entitlements within Roles. But when the Reviewer tries to review a Role, the 'General', 'Members' and 'Analytics' tab are also visible. Is there a way we can limit it to only show 'Entitlements' tab and no other tabs?
Shlomo Katz
I want to modify a Decision node, or a transition line, to determine if an account is being removed or added from an app role. Remove will go to one email node, Add will go to another.   What is the best Variable to make this condition and, based on failures, I need to ask, what is the best condition sequence? Thank you    Version: 7.1 P3
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