Michael Bluteau

SAP BAPI/Jco Connector using AFX(SSH + Java)

Blog Post created by Michael Bluteau Employee on Jun 4, 2016

This is an alternative SAP connector I have created for demonstration purpose.


See also this newer example that is based on JavaCodeBased AFX Connector:  New SAP AFX Connector - JavaCodeBased Tutorial


Unzip the archive under /home/oracle  to get 2 directories:  mysap contains libraries and the compiled classes, mysapconn contains the source code and compiling script, and also the properties file for connectivity to the SAP environment.


N.B.  You need to copy your sapjco3.jar and libsapjco3.so librairies to /home/oracle/mysap


You may need to copy .properties files to /root or homedir of user account in AFX connector(also attached).


You can modify the source code and add additional BAPI calls that you can invoke using AFX connector capabilities.  It's Java but with all the working examples and with SE37 to investigate capabilities like BAPI_USER_CREATE etc, you can figure out if you need to send an attribute as a structure, table element, etc.


Capabilities include:






-AddAccountToApplicationRole (it basically changes the AppRole)