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Reducing Identity Risk – Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) Interoperability

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Mar 29, 2017

Identity has emerged as the most consequential attack vector for threat actors, but risk is not evenly distributed across all user populations.  Privileged users and applications potentially pose more risk to the organization than non-privileged users.  Unauthorized access to privileged user credentials enables faster advance of a cyber-attack and the higher probability of a costly data breach or devastating disruption of service. 


To mitigate the security and compliance risks associated with all users, including privileged users, organizations must have control and visibility of all user access and their entitlements.     We are proud to release support for Lieberman Enterprise Random Password ManagerTM (ERPM) collection and provisioning in the latest release - RSA Announces the Availability of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2 Service Pack ReleaseThe interoperability of Lieberman ERPM and RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle enables organizations to gain a unified, policy-driven identity and access governance across all users. Once deployed, the interoperable solution effectively arms organizations with the information they need to quickly identify and respond to security risks involving the organization’s most powerful identities – privileged users.


Solution Benefits:

  • Provides enhanced visibility and control of privileged accounts and access data directly from RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.
  • Unifies account provisioning processes for privileged and non-privileged users.
  • Ensures privileged users are granted appropriate access permissions based on similar privileged users’ attributes (e.g. roles, job functions), and in accordance with the organization’s access policy. Allows the line of business to make access decisions
  • Reduces the attack surface and enhances regulatory compliance by limiting access privileges and deactivating stale/orphan privileged accounts.
  • Streamlines governance and compliance processes by generating reports and auditing all identities and access permissions directly from RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.


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