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New User Access Review Experience

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Feb 19, 2018

In the recent RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 release we are very excited to announce the release of a new User Access Review experience. 


We have been engaged with many of our customers and partners to understand their key challenges with access reviews. From this engagement we set out to re-imagine our end-user review experience with a focus on three goals:


  • Incorporate risk concepts into the governance process.   Things like open violations, exceptional access, application criticality and privileged should all be incorporated into the decision to maintain or revoke access. 
  • Arm reviewers with more context.   Reviewers should have a wide range of context at their fingertips to understand the mountain of data they are often asked to review.
  • Make reviews easier.  We want reviewers to complete their reviews faster, provide a more meaningful experience and allow them to get back to their day jobs sooner.   


Some notable highlights for the new design experience:


Review Instructions – No longer will review instructions cover the table when open by default.


Progress Monitor – In the upper right side of the table we include in review progress indicator that also will highlight when the review is due.  The progress indicator provides real time feedback as the reviewer takes action on items within the review.


Analysis and Guidance Panel -   Prioritize your attention during a review by organizing your review items into useful categories.  Also see this separate post on the Analysis and Guidance Panel.


Column Level Filtering - Narrow down your review items by using one or more column filters.


Centralized Take Action Menu – Select many items and take action in 1 click.


Centralized Review Data – Expand the row to view more information about the user, entitlement and business source.


For more information on this feature – please check out this additional content. 


New User Access Review Experience - Review Components 

New User Access Review Experience - Table and Review Items 

New User Access Review Experience - Analysis and Guidance Panel 

New User Access Review Experience - Review Item Delegation 

New User Access Review Experience - Take Action Menu 

New User Access Review Experience - Expanded View 

New User Access Review Experience - View and Column Filters 

New User Access Review Experience - Table Options 


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