Nathan Furze

What's New in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Version 7.1

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Mar 6, 2018

RSA is making identity governance and administration (IGA) easier with the release of RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle version 7.1 to simplify day-to-day governance while reducing overall identity risks.


Whether you are on an older version of RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle or just recently updated to version 7.0.x, upgrading to version 7.1 provides many benefits.

Better User Experience and More Effective User Access Reviews

The new user experience for reviews provides a much simpler experience for your end users, a great advantage, but it’s more than that. The newly enhanced experience leverages underlying risk analytics to determine risky access and/or violations and prioritizes that access for the end users. By taking a risk-based approach, reviews are more effective, as the highest priority (riskiest access) is addressed first by the end users. This ultimately helps reduce rubber stamping by business users and improves your overall security posture.

More Secure Password Management for Privileged Users

Organizations that are using the current integration with CyberArk Application Identity ManagerTM (AIM)in the 7.0 platform can enable the collectors with version 7.1 for CyberArk in addition to the existing connectors. This enables passwords to be managed and rotated through CyberArk instead of being stored inside RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.

Improved Product Performance and Scalability

We continue to focus on advancing overall performance and scalability of the platform to ensure it meets the growing needs of our customers. Additional enhancements, including data archiving and workflow priority queuing and dashboards, help to streamline and make day-to-day administration easier and faster within the platform. The archiving feature helps organizations that have lengthy retention policies and/or compliance requirements. By archiving, you are able to meet the requirement, but move data off of production in order to improve overall performance and not bog down the system.

Broader System Support

The newly released platform supports updated versions of the operating system (SUSE 12), application services (WildFly 10, WebLogic 12.2, WebSphere 9) and Java 8. These updated version supports may be required by some environments and are available now with version 7.1.



Workflow Priority Queues & Enhanced Dashboard

Improved workflow priority visibility lets users proactively understand factors that may be blocking higher-priority requests and be able to remediate.

Multiple workflow queues have been added to manage various types of requests to process the most important items first, such as termination/password reset requests, which are placed in a high-priority queue. New dashboard surfaces details on workflow performance and alerts administrators with issues that may be blocking higher-priority requests from being addressed.


Virtual Application for VMware

RSA has made it easier for customers to deploy a virtual image of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application in their virtual environment for VMware. This reduces the time and effort required to get RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle up and running in a virtual environment through traditional installation processes.




For more information visit RSA Announces the Availability of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 Release . To schedule a demo of version RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1, contact your RSA representative.