Jamie Pryer

Beta Tester Needed - RSA IGL Risk Analytics Dashboard

Blog Post created by Jamie Pryer Employee on Nov 15, 2019

One of our RSA PS rockstars (Ahmed Nofal)  has been working on a fantastic new dashboard, as shown below in the image and quick demo video. This dashboard shows various risk items found within RSA IGL and displays in it a simple to understand format using a traffic light system.


All the data is dynamic and has the "drill-down" functionality, so you can click into the area to find out more!

We are looking for a beta tester client, who would like to work with us on this.

If you are interestred, please email me: jamie.pryer@rsa.com


Please note that this will require some time from your side, maybe 30min - 1hour on a Zoom sesssion to review the results and discuss the dashboard overall.


For this to work, you must be on version:

  • 7.1.0 P04 or higher
  • 7.1.1 (any version)


For a quick demo, please see this video:


An example screen shot of the dynamic risk based dashboard