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New Feature: Maintenance Mode (Scheduled Tasks)

Blog Post created by RSA Product Team Employee on Sep 15, 2020

In the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.2.1 release, we have enhanced the Maintenance mode feature. Maintenance mode ensures that the system is in a quiet state allowing for maintenance, diagnostics, or analysis.


We see some changes in system behavior when in Maintenance Mode as follows:

  • Only users with the System:Admin entitlement can log in to the system
  • Web services calls are blocked when system
  • From 7.2.1, Scheduled jobs will be aborted or skipped when the system


Maintenance Mode can be configured from Admin -> System -> Maintenance Tab.


When system is in maintenance mode, users will see a maintenance message on the login screen.  This message can be customized as per user need.


Similarly, if user try to access the system through web services, users will get a forbidden (HTTP 403) error with the message configured for maintenance mode. All users including user's with the System:Admin entitlement will be blocked.


From 7.2.1, all scheduled jobs will be aborted when started during maintenance mode. These tasks will show on the Data runs page as Aborted(Maintenance Mode). Tasks can still be manually run from the user interface.  This can be useful trigger and diagnose a collection for example.


Some scheduled jobs are allowed to run in Maintenance mode, which can’t be run manually or are required to run for performance:

  • Backup job (Admin -> System -> Backup)
  • Clean up jobs (Heartbeat task, WFStatistics and many others)


Note : When Maintenance Mode is enabled and any job already in progress state will be completed.


For additional information on this update – please check out this additional context: