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New Feature: Reporting Improvements

Blog Post created by RSA Product Team Employee on Sep 15, 2020

In the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.2.1 release, we have made some improvements to how reports are emailed and added a web service to run reports.


In previous releases, you could only configure a report to send an email, and optional attach the report, to a specific list of users.  Each user had to be explicitly listed and the only recipients were collected identities.  In 7.2.1, the email configuration has been enhanced to support richer rules.  This still allows for the specific selection of users but you can also create filters to include all users in a group for example or to send it to all users with the vice president title.  Lastly, you can now also list explicit email addresses.  No longer do the recipients have to be collected identities.




The web service runReport has also been introduced this release to allow a report to be run from a REST call.  This allows for a better integration from a workflow or some external application that needs to run a report.


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