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Hello RSA IGL Community!

I'm Megan, the RSA University Practice Lead for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle. Following October's amazing webinar (found here), I wanted to create a follow-up blog to highlight all the great things we have going on for RSA IGL to help you learn more and get more value from the product.  

  • A full revamp of our curriculum is underway! We're looking to offer high-level courses for those who are just getting started or just need to know the basics, as well as hands-on/working with an instructor, deeper looks into the admin side of things. If you have a need for training on a specific area or for a specific audience, please let me know!
  • Main link to RSA University - IGL Training Page with links to all available training: Click Here
  • The attached PDF includes the slides presented in October, with a summary of what's available now and what's coming soon!
  • Coming soon: A quarterly On-Demand live session with one of talented IGL Instructors. This is a great opportunity to dial in and ask questions that arose following any training you've taken through us.
  • And finally, here are some recent Q&As about RSA University:

    The same training course is available in a number of different formats. Are the different formats priced differently?You may be seeing courses like the Admin series available in live (in person), live (virtual), and On-Demand Classroom formats. As each of these formats still gives you the full content and lab experiences, they are all priced the same.
    Pro tip: See our subscription option for one low price for all courses available in an On-Demand format, plus one certification exam voucher!
    I've been working with IGL for many years. Am I allowed to take the certification exams without first attending training?Absolutely! Training is not a prerequisite to taking the certification exams. We offer practice tests on RSA Link for you to gauge your level of readiness for each exam.
    Are the certification exams lab-based?Not at this time. Currently, all certification exams are multiple-choice only.
    How do keep the certification? Is there a CPE requirement?Exams currently expire after 2 years. To renew your certification, you simply take the most current exams. No tracking of CPEs is required!
    Are there any IGL live (in person) courses scheduled near me?Our schedules are posted online and are updated regularly. If you have a specific city or region where you would like us to offer a public course, please let us know!


Any questions, queries or ideas, please let me know. My proverbial door is always open, and I'm highly interested in making great training available that meets your needs!


All the best,

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