• Where to modify form?

    Anyone know where I can modify the content of this page? This is the page that comes up when you click on a task in a request but BEFORE you click the perform button(I know where to edit that form).   Thanks for...
    Nathan Hans
    created by Nathan Hans
  • IJ000453: Unable to get managed connection for java:/jdbc/dematrix ERROR (default task-211) [SystemErr] java.lang.NullPointerException

    We are using a jsp page which is being used to run a select query at run time to check a users existing role. The jsp connects to the target application database whose connection details have been mentioned in aveksa_...
    Sunil Rajbhar
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  • Approval Grouping by Category

    Can someone please help with steps to group approval using category? what all necessary steps need to be executed to group approvals using "custom" category.
    Hemant Mandle
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  • Change Request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason

    Hello,   Change request is active state but change request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason. These CR items are cancelling when there is an Approval and Fulfillment escalation happens.  ...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • How do we configure which fulfillment flow is used by the Revert Changes workflow?

    For all our requests workflows, we have set up a slightly modified version default AFX fullfillment workflow as our fulfillment flow, as such:   This works fine for fulfilling regular requests, but we've notic...
    George Kwakkernaat
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  • 000039242 - Changes to Forms in Workflow Approval and Activity Nodes require an application restart to take effect in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

    In regards to the above article, I am on 7.1.1 P09 and still have to restart for changes to take effect. Am I missing something?
    Daniel Ekerman
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  • Forms re-direction issue on 7.1.1 P05

    Hello,   Certain forms that we are using on one of the node of our clustered environment is facing re-direction issue. Replication steps:- 1) Open the form 2) Fill in the mandatory fields in the first page &a...
    Aditya Naga
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  • report all the inactive owners (App owner/Role Owner/Entitlement Owner etc)

    Does anyone know what is the best way to capture all the inactive owners (if a user is owner of any object like App/Role/Ent etc..) and also is there a way to promote the inactive user's manager as replacement?
    Sri Palle
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  • Requirement for static URL (no token)

    Hello,   We've created new dashboard and added several custom buttons. One of the buttons we want to have available directly from the main dashboar is Password Reset button. Problem with this, is that password re...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Difference in request operation

    Hi,   Quick but important question, what is the difference between the 2 operations on the request module? • RemoveAppRoleFromAccount • RemoveUserFromAppRole
    Armel Lupapi
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  • How to show entitlements based on the requester  who is part of the Role

    Hi ,   I have a Requirement few users are part of the Role  and while requesting entitlements/accesses for specific application i have to display some extra entitlements to the user who are requester part o...
    Durga Revanth T
    last modified by Durga Revanth T
  • User creation and temporary password

    Hello everybody. At the moment, starting from reading a csv provided by HR, I am able to create an identity-user in IGL with the characteristics present in the file (name, surname, etc.). What I would like to do is: &...
    Max Tama
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  • Using drop-down w/ webservice on form

    Hello All, Im trying to setup drop-down select w/ web-service to the IGL server itself and I keep getting a connection refused message. If I put that URL in the browser it seems to work fine. But in the form, it throw...
    Daniel Ekerman
    last modified by Daniel Ekerman
  • Create an entitlement in IGL

    Hello everybody. I would like some advice and know how to better obtain this use-case. IGL usually works by collecting entitlements (already present) from various endpoints and then, once the entitlements are known an...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • IG&L database tables : any examples?

    Hello everybody. I am starting to study the IG&L database tables to better understand the solution. I have seen in many threads that you often query the tables from inside the workflows, often in the event of a ...
    Falco Dussault
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  • IGL 7.1.1 - Any way to enable email approval on replies to escalation emails

    We have email approval enabled for pretty much all our different approval scenarios but, inevitably, some people do not complete their tasks by the due date … so we have typical escalations setup, i.e. now over...
    Andy Cheek
    last modified by Andy Cheek
  • Use Custom AFX variable w/ Register User Form?

     The requirement is to have the requestor fill out a form to create an account for a contractor. One of the fields in the form is to choose a supervisor from the user picker. What I'm trying to do is extract the ...
    Daniel Ekerman
    last modified by Daniel Ekerman
  • Out of office delegation

    Hello there,   I have a question about the delegation that comes from the Out Of Office function!   I have a role assigned to a Manual Fulfillment node, anyone in this role will get this activity assigned ...
    Johan Arvidsson
    last modified by Johan Arvidsson
  • How to make External Url in Request Button to open in  a new tab

    HI All,   I am currently using external URL in request button (like service now URL). But it is loading in same page .But i want to open a new tab to display the link instead of same tab,is there any way possibl...
    Durga Revanth T
    last modified by Durga Revanth T
  • Request Form Control Type - Text Area: How to increase max length?

    Is there anyway to increase the Text Area (Control Type) maximum limit on Request forms? Also, tool tip says Maximum 4000 Chars limit where as it allows only 500 which is misleading the user. How can I change it? ...
    Dileep Gurram
    last modified by Dileep Gurram