• Register a User and create Account

    For a target system, the external user accounts are provisioned from a data sourced from request form.    Is there a way to create a Identity and then provision the account at the same time. I see a Registe...
    Jaydeep Mehta
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  • How to setup Identity Governance & Lifecycle collector with Cloudera?

    Has anyone successfully integrated Identity Governance & Lifecycle with Cloudera?  What I mean by that, have you been able to create a collector to pull data from Cloudera and if so, what driver was used?...
  • Thycotic Secret Server integration with IG&L

    Does anyone has experience with integrating Thycotic Secret Server with RSA IGL ? How to collect data from Thycotic Secret Server?
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • Removing User entry from deleted Accounts

    I am trying to perform a new hew hire scenario for a user. That user was part of organization in past. But as the user was deleted in past and it has been marked as deleted so my new hire scenario is not able to pro...
    Ashish Joshi
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  • Attribute Synchronization querying user's info on IGL

    Hello all,   I have a situation where I need to synchronize "manager" attribute on an AD. However, the value for this attribute is a full Distinguished Name, and I do not want to add another identity file to fee...
    Jose Luis Lopez
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  • AD Attribute Compliance

    Hi everyone,   Just to confirm, they are no way to do a compliance on AD Attribute ?   To explain more the situation, we are migrating Microsoft FIM in RSA IGL. On FIM, where an attribute was changed ...
    Steve Alexandre
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  • CURL and 7.1.1 P1

    Under 7.0.x Px I was able to run CURL to run a collection. Now under 7.1.1 P1, it is requiring a user Token. <html><head><title>Error</title></head><body>The token is required for...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • RSA IMG Integration with SAP Successfactors

    Has anyone collected from SAP SuccessFactors as an HR source? OR developed a AFX connector to SAP Successfactrs? Any tips or notes would be most appreciated.
    Jude Yip
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  • Lawson HR system integration with IG&L

    Does anyone has experience with Lawson HR system? How to collect data from Lawson system ?  
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • How insert values into a SQL Database after collection

    Hello. I would like some help / advice on how to proceed since I have not found any information. Just help and then proceed independently. I have IGL 7.1, HR csv as an authoritative source, AD provisioning, and an SQL...
    Falco Dussault
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  • Collect data from Tenable.sc to RSA IGL

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to collect data (users, groups, roles) from Tenable.sc application and I have found an article about Tenable integrations, see the  Tenable - Technology Integrations but ...
    Martin Dicky
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  • CyberArk Password Vault - Secured Integration

    Hi folks,   I'm trying to integrate IGL 7.1.1 P03 with our CyberArk vault through AIM. I have general connectivity, but I can't seem to nail down the secured connection.   WSDL URL: <AIM-WSDL-URL> A...
    Alex Grant
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  • IGL integration with Exchange- Alternative to PowerShell Server

    RSA IGL integration with Exchange Server requires Powershell Server to be installed in a server along with exchange tools. Then we can use the ssh connector or Exchange Connector from IGL to do tasks.   Is ther...
    shakti nayak
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  • Feature Support Poll : Which CMDB solution are you using ?

    We are trying to use the data from this poll to add feature support to our DataReach product.   If you have another product, please use the comemnt section to indicate the product name.   For more informatio...
    Pradeep Kadambar
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  • How to fully disable circuit breaker?

    Hi all,   Has anyone have an idea how to fully disable the circuit breaker threeshold? If there is no way to do so, should i set it to 100% or 0% for the threeshold to be deactivated?   I have a couple of...
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Admin error notification triggers

    Hello,   I'm wondering if there is an option to configure notification rules so that notifications are only triggered when certain condition is met. We only need notifications to be sent when collections are fail...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Azure AD as identity source

    We have a installation of  "RSA Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2" at customer location. Customer is looking for fetching identities from Azure AD.   There is no option in UI to specify directory type as ...
    Punit Mohatta
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  • Accounts and Entitlements collection from Power BI (SaaS)

    The customer is asking to get accounts and entitlements (in particular Workspace + Role) from Power BI cloud application.   As far as I know the Power BI has got a REST API but RSA IGL does not have REST Collect...
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • Collection using DB2 Connector

    Hi,   I must connect to a DB2 Database to run a collection. For that, i downloaded a db2jcc connector from the IBM website and deployed it on the app-server. When entering the server information, i get the belo...
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Finding where User Attributes Are Used

    Due to a bug introduced in 7.1 P03 (ACM-99694), Business Source Custom Attributes CAS11 and above cannot be used properly.  We need to identify and confirm if and where we may be using CAS11 and above attributes....
    Chris Pope
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