• Active Directory (AD) Managed Applications

    Majority, if not all customers of RSA IGL use Active Directory (AD) as a way of managing who can access certain applications and what actions they can perform within the application.   Early phases of an RSA IG...
    Clive Morrish
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  • Approval Node Exclusion

    Hello,   We have a Approval workflow with 2 levels of approval.   Level1- Supervisor Approval Level2- Application Approver which is an Active Directory Group. Is it possible, if the supervisor of a user ...
    shakti nayak
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  • IG&L cache settings

    As per customer they encountered the below issue and they "assumed that it was caused by cache settings in IG&L so we would like to know how to check caching settings in IG&L 7.1.1 P04". i.e. An end user ...
    Cristy Sy
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  • Multiple Select commands in a Collector query - This statement type is not supported

    Hello G&L version 7.1.1.p1 an p2 I was supplied a complex sql query to gather information from a SQL database. In order to get the information it requires two select (in-line?) statements. Example:  ...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • IGL 7.1.1 Scheduled collectors not running

    Anyone had/having issues with scheduled tasks not executing as expected - either collectors or custom workflows?   Noticed one of our ADCs had not run since it was imported into our live environment a couple of ...
    Andy Cheek
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  • User to entitlement relationship

    Hi Team,   in Aveksa version 7.1.0 P05 ,I have added Role1 to UserA , entitlement ent1 has been tagged to role1. UserA would get ent1 as indirect access. After sometime I have removed only role1 from userA as pa...
    Vaishali Mohan
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  • RSA IGL Limitation - Enhancement required (Database ID can't be set for custom "User" attributes)

    Any way to have the Database ID available when creating a custom attribute for "User" attribute?- -* *Issue/Limitation:              Under the “At...
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Timezone region not found

    We have newly created IGL 7.1 environment (virtual application), with one application and one database collector. The collector is working fine on our old 7.0.2 env, however in 7.1 I am getting following error:  ...
    Jan Radocha
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  • Collecting into AD related applications

    I need some best practices how to collect into AD related applications. Currently I have a directory (AD) where I am collecting all business relevant groups, account and group memberships with account collector. Bey...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • RSA IGL  app

    Does RSA IGL has an app to perform approvals, reviews etc. if yes, do we have any documents on how to setup the app and the environment.
    shakti nayak
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  • How do you remove stale applications from appliance?

    Version 7.0.1 Patch 2 appliance, OS red hat 5u11   How do you remove stale applications from appliance? I am assuming the customer was asking me how do you remove decommissioned applications from appliance. ...
    Nasreen Mathias
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  • Best practice for monitoring L&G

    Hi, It is a common requirement from clients to monitor the L&G system - CR's, collections, workflows, connectors etc. for various applications and system in general.   What alerts and/ or reports are typica...
    Sandeep Sharma
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  • Best practice for non-employee/contractor on-boarding

    Hello there,    Do we have any documentation on best practice of nonemployee / contractor on-boarding. I found a doc for JML, they say -  Not sure of most organizations, but in my experience, all la...
    Amit Khatua
    created by Amit Khatua
  • DAG or alternatives for collecting server accounts

    Hi,   One of the clients is looking at using L&G for collecting Windows (2008,2012 etc.) and Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX etc.) server accounts. They have a few hundred servers.   1. Technically can DAG m...
    Sandeep Sharma
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  • Entitlement data collection for Active directory having users and groups in different domains

    Hi   I need to implement following scenario in RSA G&L:    Need to configure entitlement data collector  for  A.D application Where accounts belongs to domain DC=example1, DC=com  ...
    mian ali
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  • RSA VIA Hard Appliance Details

    1. U size of the appliances; 2. No of power supplies per appliance; 3. Power consumption per appliance; (edi
    Ashish Joshi
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  • Multi Database Entitlement Collector

    Accounts collected from multiple EDC's not mapping to App-Roles.   We have a use case where we need to collect App-Roles and Entitlements from one database and Account to App-Role Mapping from the second databas...
    valentine dmello
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  • [Identity Collection] : Special Characters in RSA DB

    On running Identity Collection, how to make special characters entries as part of user information in VIA databases. E.g: Job Title for a record : Training & services is getting read as Training @amp; services. &...
    Gunpreet Singh
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  • Account not displayed under application accounts

    I have a scenario where the application account is shown in collector RAW data, but as rejected item in account mapping. As this is a rejected item I am expecting this item to be displayed as orphan account in the ap...
    Subahan Pathan
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  • Adding bulk members to Business Roles

    Hello there, Is it possible to add bulk members to existing business roles using role collector?   Thanks, Neeraja Mahajan
    Neeraja Mahajan
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