• Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions not for Role Management

    On an applicatie and directory level you have the the option to set Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions to Yes.    based in the title of the option and the description on the he...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • OpenID connect - is it supported?

    Hi, we have our SSO solution that can provide authentications to other applications using token OpenID Connect. The question is: can IGL be configured as an openid client in order to communicate with the authenticat...
    Falco Dussault
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  • Hardening of RSA IGL Software Bundle with DB

    Customer is asking info/suggestion/stuff about hardening topic of a node of RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle with RSA-provided database. Is there anything (e.g. docs) available?
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • Best way to export/import ALL DATA (with users)

    Hello. We are testing the new IGL 7.2 and it is truly beautiful and modern. We are currently in version 7.1 with all the various standard configurations (collectors, connector, applications, Review ..). Now, we have i...
    Falco Dussault
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  • Custom approval forms and email templates creation

    Hi,   Can someone please help me in following issues:   1. How can we create custom approval forms. 2. How can we create custom e-mail templates.   Thanks
    Dharmendra Singh Yadav
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  • RSA IG&L version 7.2 first impressions

    Hello friends,   Now that 7.2 has been released it will be nice to hear how things look with the product for those of us who download it, start to try it out in lower environments, and whoever will be the l...
    Edward Bertsch
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  • IGL - Oracle v18/19 support

    We're currently running IGL on Oracle 12c but our hosting provider will cease support for it mid 2021. Which versions of IGL are already OR are planned to support the later Oracle versions?
    Andy Cheek
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  • Multiple users with UID 0, stopping the upgrade

    Hi,   We have a similar situation as described in the article - https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-96951    Multiple users are holding the UID 0, which is causing the upgrade pre-requisite c...
    Jesvin Joseph
    created by Jesvin Joseph
  • Role creation failing because of null roleId

    We are getting an error in our staging environment where we try to create a role but errors out because of the following message:   A role id must be established before you can create the role. Current value is:...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • Software Bundle 7.0.2 to Appliance 7.1.1 Migration

    Hello,   I'm doing a migration similar to this post here: https://community.rsa.com/thread/188417   I was hoping for some similar instructions but from 7.0.2 p10 to 7.1.1. I have reviewed the migratio...
    Joe Sutton
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  • NullPointerException when loading a user's accounts

    Version: We're experiencing an error where we select a user from a request button and then we're taken to the list of accounts for that user. There we see an Error- entry at the top of the screen and can...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • An error occurred in the customizeACM command : error code 127

    Hi All, I got that error while I was installing version 7.1.0 P03. What should I do? Could you help me to solve problem?  
    Esra TOY
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  • Removing User entry from deleted Accounts

    I am trying to perform a new hew hire scenario for a user. That user was part of organization in past. But as the user was deleted in past and it has been marked as deleted so my new hire scenario is not able to pro...
    Ashish Joshi
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  • RSA L&G 7 Virtual Appliance re-installation steps

    RSA L&G version 7.1   Environment Server : Virtual appliance setup using the .ova file DB : Remote Database.   We had deployed .ova file and was running RSA 7.1 version. Now i wanted to do re-install...
    Lakshman Varadharajan
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  • AFX connectors in deployed state

    Hello,   I am having issues with AFX. All the connectors are in deployed state. I have checked all the services activemq, mule and mmc_console are running. I have tried by re-installing AFX, still no change. Bel...
    shakti nayak
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  • HSM Integration IGL 7.1.1

    Looking to see if anyone has utilised a HSM for managing certificates for IGL 7.1.1 We are looking to move away from all RSA signed certificates and move to our own CA signed certs and integrate to a Thales HSM to ma...
    Stephen Murphy
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  • IGL integration with Exchange- Alternative to PowerShell Server

    RSA IGL integration with Exchange Server requires Powershell Server to be installed in a server along with exchange tools. Then we can use the ssh connector or Exchange Connector from IGL to do tasks.   Is ther...
    shakti nayak
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  • Practises when having network problems

    We are using the software appliance version, with remote database. And never in my life did I expect that our environment would experience network problems.   But Murphy caught up with me, and now some days we g...
    David Horwath
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  • Anyone run into issues patching from P06 to P08 on version of RSA IGL 7.1.0?

    Anyone run into issues patching from P06 to P08 on version of RSA IGL 7.1.0?   I get this error below. I tried extending it from 15 mins to 30 mins, but still no luck/   I tried extending it from 900 (15mi...
    Richard Jung
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  • Where to report new releases bugs?

    I was wondering if there is any separate section where you allow users to report bugs which come with release of new version or patch. Creating new case for each bug is very time consuming step from your clients' pers...
    Martin Piroh
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